Side Dishes ..

side dishes-11

What have we today ?  Side Dishes…the perfect way to round out a meal.  Side dishes are usually carbohydrates or vegetables.  That isn’t a rule, but that’s what I have here and now. This was a fun post for me to make and shoot. I’m typically a one dish dinner kinda gal, everything except the kitchen sink …. in one bowl.  This time, I have made a deliberate effort to come up with some appetizing ‘side-dishes’. I hope they look as good as they taste, or taste as good as they look, (the Rosie effect), or …..  ??

While thinking what to entice you with, two important…er, three important factors took priority.  Color was the first factor to influence my decision.  I need to grab your attention, or you will just scroll right by me.  Secondly, I went with the shape of the subject, to add interest to the photo, and thirdly, well you guessed it … not too difficult.  No point in shooting something I won’t eat, is there?


……………………..   . .side dishes-8

I googled the above broccoli recipe from Tyler Florence.  Roasted Broccoli with Cheese and Lemon.  I ate it all.  Here is another image of this delicious dish :


side dishes-7


How am I doing with shape and color ?  I know it tastes good!

  side dishes-4  I took this image of the chick peas last summer, I still like it, and as I remember, it was also pleasing to the palate …

Mashed Potatoes, my next side dish. How many times have you seen in print, a mouth-watering dish of mashed potatoes ?   William Sonoma had a beautiful shot, just before Thanksgiving.  Well, it’s not as easy as it looks, and very hard to get the ‘swirl’ of the potatoes.  Here is my attempt:


side dishes-6

I like it, but everything is starting to look good to me, maybe I should get out more.

OK, what am I left with… oh yes, The Brussels Sprouts.  Yes, they are still in my refrigerator. I am the only one who lives here that will eat them, and I just cannot bring myself to do it. Perhaps too much broccoli ? I think I will take them to Emilys on Sunday !  ( just a joke)


side dishes-2


……………………………….  side dishes-12


side dishes   …..   side dishes-3   I’ve got more where these came from …


………   and lastly we have Couscous, made from a packet with way to much sodium:


side dishes-13    … side dishes-15

Next time … ?  I’ll surprise you ! Until then, you keep eating, and I’ll keep shooting …

7 thoughts on “Side Dishes ..

  1. WOW!!! You’ve made a big leap forward. The light on the shots (except for the chick pea shot — which doesn’t sing to me the way these do) is amazing. Great job. The pictures of the squash and the broccoli are amazing!

  2. I love both the squash photo’s – I sense the heat in that photo and clarity/focus in it. Also, love the 2nd one which looks like a wooden boat pulled up on the shore…still life photo art for the kitchen or restaurant walls. I liked the brussel sprouts but would have like to seen some cut in half which shows them off more being a brussel sprouts fan myself. Also, loved the mashed potatoes – not whipped but mashed looks more tasteful to me. Excellent work MM

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