Breakfast Anyone ?? Eggs, Quiche and Scone-A-Lisa



Gooten Morgan !  Wie gehen Sie heute?  Are you hungry ? I have a few breakfast items to show you today, but first, I must get something off my chest.  My last post was my best yet, wouldn’t you agree? The questions that linger on my mind are:  Did I just get lucky, was it just a fluke? or do I know what I am doing ?   I sure hope so, I have been working hard for one year now, and I must have something to show … win or place.   However, the proof is in the pudding, or the photographs.  I cannot tell a lie, I’m just crossing my fingers, closing my eyes, and hoping for the best … well, not really.  Let’s look at my Edible Delights that are consumed in the wee hours of the day.




It all begins with the egg.  Or is it the chicken? Today, it’s the EGG.  (one of the only foods I don’t eat, but love to make)  Again, I needed texture and color to help with my images… an eye-catcer if you will.  If not, you will scroll right by me with merely a nod or bat of the lash.  Subliminal sugestion never hurt either ! ( hee hee)

Below are my mini quiches …  easy to make, and loved by all.  Better yet, no recipe needed.  I just added what would taste good, and here you have it …  eggs dishes are my speciality.


. eggs-7




                                      . eggs-9


Where are the Scones-a-Lisa ?   Here they are …. Lisa, the baker, makes these melt in your mouth scones in River Forest, IL.  Nothing fancy about her digs, just a plain o’le kitchen.  That plain o’le kitchen does the trick.  I ordered a few ( should have ordered more ) and took some pics.  I have to say it was hard.  How can you make a scone look better than it tastes?  I don’t know, I tried several times… this angle, that angle, in a house with a mouse, in a boat with a goat. You just have to take my word for it… or order your own.  My husband is a scone connoisseur, and these take the cake.






I ordered Bacon Cheddar Jalapeno, however, Lisa offers a wide variety.


eggs-4    …..    eggs-3


So, back to the EGG.  I feel I cannot leave you yet, not without one more dish that contains eggs…  Is it Green Eggs without Ham? no, but some of my pictures look that way…ugh.


eggs 2


eggs 2-2


it’s PANCAKES ….  and syrup !

I still must address those pesty questions in my mind.  Do I know what I am doing?  Yes, I think I do.  Butt, it’s not easy.  I do know I can ‘see’ more clearly, but I didn’t raise the bar this time.  That’s OK, maybe next time I will …



8 thoughts on “Breakfast Anyone ?? Eggs, Quiche and Scone-A-Lisa

  1. Michelle,

    I agree, your last post was THE BEST thus far. Focus on the THUS FAR. In this post, the first shot and the last two really are clear, interesting, and look almost unreal (especially the pancakes). It’s like an advertising shot (means you did a great job.) But, it’s the eggs that really are captivating. The first shot of the three eggs on the craggy table (or whatever it is — but it’s cool) and the second-to-last shot in the egg cup have beautiful light and color. I love the subtle shades of white and grey. It’s a clear winter’s light that is so beautiful, or at least that’s how the light appears. Great job.

  2. The quiche looks amazing! As the ‘ole chicken and egg story goes, I would love to see some of your photography expertise ‘teasing’ the raw egg. Crack it, slip it, whip it and let it explore leaving the shell before it gets baked into a consumable. Throw one at a window, for old times sake, and shoot the revenge..

  3. OMG…wow…excellent work. Love the still life…eggs in bowl. Everything looks, smells, delicious, composition, lighting is superb!

  4. i love the quiche and the pancake shots.! i never eat pancakes but would those ! mitch you’re writing and photos get better and better. amazing work.!

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