Lets talk LIBATIONS !



‘Libations, Sensations, that stagger the mind …. ‘   What is the meaning of libation ?  and where did it originate ?  I knew you’d ask…. and I’m ready to answer.  Libation is the act of pouring a liquid or liquor, usually wine, either on the ground, or on a victim in sacrifice, in honor of some deity.  The ‘drink offering’ was a form of libation, forming one of the sacrifices and offerings of the Law of Moses.  The living often honored ancestors by pouring a Libation.

Hmmm …   libations 2-2


The next obvious question is, which deity shall we toast? no no, not deiter, d e i t y.  How about Eros?


…..                         .   libations_-3

….    libations 2      …      libations_-4     ….


Eros was a beautiful and cunning small boy with wings. His Roman name was Cupid. He was the Greek symbol of love and desire, and would shoot magical golden arrows into the hearts of both mortals and immortals, spreading physical desire. According to one legend, he was the son of Ares, the god of War,and Aphrodite, the goddess of Beauty.  Modern words deriving from the god Eros are erotic and eroticism.


.       ……..  libations_-7


Now we need an ancestor to recognize in order to pour the ‘libation’.  How about my Great Grandmother’s brother on my mothers – fathers side.  Ah yes,  Uncle Ainsley  …

.libations 2-3   ….. nice bokeh!

As stated, libations are primarily wine, but I have added beer to this most honorable list.  Let’s see what we have on hand to pay homage to the god Eros and old Uncle Ainsley ( two birds, one libation).




libations_  .

    …. are the gods crazy?    … or would their Irish Eyes be a smilin’  ?


…                                                 . libations_-8

11 thoughts on “Lets talk LIBATIONS !

  1. “Libations, sensations, that stagger the mind.” Great shots Shells. I love the beer photos! They make you want to have a cold one. The champaign bottle was added for me I just know it.

  2. Wow.. you never cease to amaze me!!! Those photos are so good that I could drink a beer right now! I love your style, Michelle.. you certainly have many tantalizing shots! Thank you for sharing your many talents! xox

  3. You have bursted the ‘bubbles’ in the libations and the crystal glassware photos containing the explosive quenchers! Take your glass out of the freezer, cheers….

  4. When I opened the link, the first thing I did was say, “WOW!” That first picture is exquisite. And, the others where you capture the motion/movement are captivating. You work is growing by leaps and bounds.

  5. Love the golden libation in cut crystal and the last shot of ? with the cool dew from the chocolate coloured contents inside.

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