The Great American Bagel …


American bagel-3

I was listening to an interview with Matt Armendariz, an outstanding food photographer.  He was asked what advice would he give to ‘young’ aspiring food photographers.

Matt said in so many words that the ‘new’ photographer should shoot outside of their comfort zone.  Shoot the foods that aren’t always the celebrities (fruit, vegetables) …. and look to shoot the ordinary Joe.  Today my attention is on the common Great American Bagel.  A ‘sandwich’, of which I have only photographed two, this being my third.  My goal: to entice you.

I wanted to encompass the entire bagel in one photo, to set a stage and tell a story.  I stepped back, analyzed my angles, and clicked away.  Not one of those images appealed to me … my photographic eye cannot see what my minds eye thinks  it should see.  The two just don’t jive.


American bagel-5


So, what did I do?   I got chummy with this Everything Great American Bagel piled high with turkey, cheese, lettuce, tomato, cucumbers, and mayonnaise.  I know all there is to know about this grinder.  Once again I am shooting the way I see it,  ….  and I wonder, do you think there is a market out there for ‘my cup of tea’?


American bagel


. my favorite shot !

……………………………………..  American bagel-4


12 thoughts on “The Great American Bagel …

  1. Number 2 and number FOUR. Once again you have made food human and alive. I feel a pulse in (2) like looking at the anatomy of a breathing human being. The turkey, cucumbers and mayo are transmitting energy which is contained and finished by the sesame seed bagel. Excellent shot. In number (4) you have captured more than just a sandwich, imagine that!!!! It is time to go big, don’t eat alone. Share your bites…;)

  2. #1 and #4 for me…in that order as more food is shown in first one. I do not mind the imperfections in lettuce either. The bagel looks superb in all shots.

  3. Beautiful! I’m definitely enticed! Remind me to discuss the book Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain with you some time. Your photographic images sometimes appear to be taken with the right side of your brain, which, according to the book’s author, is a beautiful thing.

  4. Everything bagels – how I love you! The honeycomb pattern on number four…. The answer is yes…. just looked thru a artisan bakery cookbook from Anthropologie and the photographs don’t compare…. keep it up!!!!

  5. I like these photos but I would have liked to see the entire sandwich too. I like the close ups as they do make the food come alive as Elise said but it would be nice to see it on the plate as the first photo.

  6. i have to agree with efh. 2 and 4 were fantastic! while i was looking at the photos my tonque was checking for the poppy seeds stuck in my teeth!

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