Harvest Hills Farm revisited….

‘Harvest Hills Farm’ is located in Jo Daviess County, in the northwest corner of Illinois.  HHF is proud to be recognized by two organizations with the highest standards for raising grass-fed, free range animals.  Today I am going to show you the most beautiful eggs I have ever seen,‘laid’ on this farm by free range chickens… and the all-American cock-a-doodle doo.


Harvest Hills eggs 5-4


We have 4 different eggs, from 4 different breeds.  The blue-green eggs are from the Ameraucana Chicken.  They are exceptional egg layers laying about 250 eggs a year.  Light blue in color, with an  occasional green, they start laying at about 5 or 6 months old…

………………………….      Harvest Hills eggs 6


The cream to light brown eggs come from the Light Sussex Chicken, and the medium brown egg from the Speckled Sussex Chicken. (whew)  They lay large eggs, expecting approximately 240 to 260 eggs a year.

The fourth egg, or the dark brown eggs, are laid by the Rhode Island Red.  Although these chickens often complain of a ‘headache’, they can end up producing up to 200 eggs a year, but a healthy one can lay more. When free ranged, their first year eggs can be too large to fit comfortably in standard or medium cartons.


Harvest Hills eggs 5


Not wanting to part with these precious gems, and at the same time not wanting them to exist without a purpose, I had to find the fitting recipe.   First things first, I cracked them ….


                          ………………………………  Harvest Hills Eggs 2-8

Harvest Hills Eggs 2-4


  ……………      and proceeded to make a breakfast of days gone by, my mothers ‘Dipping Eggs’.   Again a dish I never induldged in, but love to make.


                                            …..  Harvest Hills Eggs 2-7


Harvest Hills Eggs 2-6


calling India … calling India


                                                       …..    Harvest Hills Eggs 2-5


12 thoughts on “Harvest Hills Farm revisited….

  1. No need for dying eggs for Easter..beautiful pastels shades! Love the cracked shots – did you have any with both colors together? The 2nd cooked egg with bread showing looks delicious – what is Dipping Eggs recipe?
    I wonder how different these eggs taste from the grocery store free range eggs?

  2. the cracked egg shells has left me totally blown away. mitch, your shots are REALLY good. i hope you are keeping a potfolio of all your photograhs.
    very well done!

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