Deep Fried Southern …

This is your brain ….


brussels sprout-3


This is your brain on drugs …


brussels sprout-4

No, not true, that’s a Brussels Sprout ! (hee hee)

Last week I visited my sister in Hotlanta.  The day I left we enjoyed our last meal together at The Piedmont Driving Club.  It was suggested that I order the Brussels Sprouts, that they are delicious, and that I would want to take a picture.  OK.  So I ordered them, and sure enough, WOW!  I asked the kind waiter how these were made, and he replied, ” Maam, if I tell you, you’d be havin to keep a secret.” … so I zipped it up, turned the key, and tossed it away.  Ya ain’t gonna get it from me !  However, I will tell you that these tasty vegetable delights were DEEP FRIED.  Go figure, deep-fried + Southern = Deep Fried Southern.   That’s when I rolled up my sleeves ….


brussels sprout-9


Would you have guessed that these pictures were of Brussels Sprouts?  It’s hard to tell, some look like they may want to phone home…  Butt!  there is also something I like about these shots.  Is it the color of the sprouts? or is it the texture that I fancy?  I know it’s the taste.

After the sprouts were deep-fried, and drained, I tossed Dactillion, Garto, and the likes into a bowl, added honey and balsamic vinegar, a sprinkle of sea salt, and viola !  That’s my recipe …  


………………………  brussels sprout-7


brussels sprout-5


Now, here’s a riddle:

What good, and/or, how good is a ‘photographer of food’ if you can’t tell what the picture is ?  … hmmm,  just an edible delight for thought.

10 thoughts on “Deep Fried Southern …

  1. OH EM GEE, that first picture is so cool!! I just had brussel sprouts yesterday and just love them.. I steamed mine, “el dante,” if you will and doused them with balsamic vinegar.. yummo. I’m telling you, Michelle, if you burned the devil out of a piece of toast, you’d manage to photograph it and make it look absolutely delicious!!

  2. I don’t remember you eating brussels when you were young-maybe I never served them. Anyway, photos are wonderful-keep up the great work. XXOO

  3. What is Garto and Dactillon- new for me but sounds interesting? I love Brussel Sprouts, however, I am not sure the close up shots do the most for the delicious way it is cooked in this case; whereas, the brain brussel steamed is quite interesting and works better there. Technically superb shots for all of the closeups.

  4. Every thing tasts better with your eyes closed, but you have to have your eyes wide open to trigger all the senses. Looking at your photos one can visualize, close your eyes and taste without opening your mouth. That’s my brain on Brussels sprouts…

  5. I love brussels! We have them all the time. I would like to see a photo of the entire dish for this one. They look delicious!

  6. OK, another hilarious comment from your mother about you not eating vegetables. My favorite in all of this is your writing. Made me laugh out loud. Your brain on drugs with the picture of the deep-fried Brussels sprouts. A hoot. Thanks for the laugh today. I kind of wish I could have seen the whole dish, too. And eaten it!

  7. They seem to be all the rage at restaurants now – roasted are delicious too! (my fave). Your pics translate the image straight onto my taste buds – perfection! Agree with Janie – entire dish photo too! Great work!!! Now go work on that burnt piece of toast !!!! Can’t wait to see 🙂

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