I’m fit to be FRIED !

Yep, you heard me … fried!  These edible vegetables delights are deep-fried Northern.  First, I must put in a plug for Costco, they sell whatever you want, whether you need it or not.  This deep fryer of mine was a Mothers Day gift a few years back.  The next year I got a meat slicer ….   The upside?  Fathers Day is right around the corner, and all I needed to buy was a bow ….

Anyhow, the sprouts put me in a mood, what else can I submerge into a bath of boiling hot oil?  My husb….  no no no …

          Let the fun begin …




I dipped and dredged, and rattled and rolled these delicious onion rings.  They tasted out of this world,  just like Romeo and ‘Juillerets’.


How about Green Beans?  Maybe I will like them better with a little fat on their stalk ?  … but I didn’t, thank goodness, that’s a sure way to get a little more fat on my stalk.

(remember to click on the images)


……………….   fried-3


And lastly I mustered up some Flower Power … Cauli-flower Power.  I love the color, the texture, the composition, and the depth of field… not my usual.  And these tasted OK, (so I heard ).  Lets see what the survey says :


……………………..  fried-2


Don’t forget that this is a photography blog on my learning to ‘photograph’ food, not just another pretty dish.

Lately I’ve needed to re-adjust my glasses and look thru a different lens.  So I did.  My changes:  I dusted the webs off of my semi-new to me 24-85mm used lens, and sent my 105mm packing.  What a difference a lens makes.  I am also trying to pull back, shoot up close, but not so personal. ( I couldn’t resist with the beans…105mm )  My depth of field has increased in these photos, and I have added the display bowl.   I am liking what I see, especially the cauliflower image.  These are small steps, but steps I need to be comfortable with.  I think the 1st and 3rd shots are more likely to be for hire …  So until next time, ‘you’d better eat your spinach baby…’

fried 1

8 thoughts on “I’m fit to be FRIED !

  1. Michelle, my Belle. Can’t wait for summer and you in my kitchen and all these wonderful foods on my plate. You have done it again. GREAT photo’s. XXOO, Mattie

  2. Michelle,

    More funny writing, and I thought the cauliflower picture was so well composed and lit. And, the picture of the onion rings made me want to pick them off the proverbial plate! Change is good, when you are ready for it. You were ready! Congrats on taking a risk.

  3. Romeo and Juillerets, Bonnie and Caliade, Sonny and Cheerios! You have nailed the photos and nabbed the diction. Fried, steamed, sautéed or boiled, serve it up!

  4. I am starved now- want one of your onion rings and LOVE the cauliflower composition, bowl and new lens look too.

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