Pass the Chick, peas !

Yes, Chick Peas … Roasted Chick Peas, with cumin, cayenne pepper, sea salt, and a secret ingredient.  Love the secrets.  I’ve put my deep-fryer back where it belongs, and turned up the heat, 400 degrees and counting.


chick peas again


OK, enough of the endless chatter, let’s get to the point:


Chick peas-2.

What do you think?  I like it.  I like the color, I like the composition, I like the not so shallow depth of field, and I like the texture.  But what I really think knocks this one out of Sox Field ( in my opinion) is the lighting … Over the colder half of the year I invested in a Lowel Ego lamp.  It’s table top size, and I love the illumination it emits.  The Ego lamp wasn’t easy for me to get acquainted with, but in due time Lowel has become a friend.  I usually photograph with ambient light, but I added the Lowel Ego to this shoot.

Let’s look at some other images …

As I knew John would say for this next one, ‘open the shadows a bit’, …. so I did.


Chick peas-4


All of these pictures were shot with a 60mm micro, 200 ISO, and aperture setting from f8-f14.  So much for the deeper depth of field that I raved about in previous posts.  Oh well, I like ’em.


……………………  Chick peas


And again, I could not resist the up close and in your ‘purty face’ shot.  In other words, my way.


………………………………….  Chick peas-3

 Does anyone out there see progress? or is it just my imagination, once again  ……  ?

10 thoughts on “Pass the Chick, peas !

  1. Okay, I am frustrated because my eyes cannot SMELL. You have transformed food into art. Your work is better than a ‘before and after’, a canned chick pea verses a roasted chick pea. Metamorphosis, yes.

  2. mitch the color is wonderful!! ive never had a chick pea but your photos make me want some!! great!!

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