Oozing, Weeping, Drizzle and Drip ….

No, I didn’t call you a drip ….

This was a fun post to put together.  Why? because it’s in reference to the verb ” to ooze”.  No, not booze, OOOOZE.  What does Webster say about the verb OOZE?   ” to flow or exude slowly, as through holes or small openings.”  That is exactly what I have for you today. All of the images are shot my way, without a care in the world …

If you wouldn’t mind, I’d like a little reader participation. I’d appreciate your comments at the end for my new possible BFF, Lowel.  You met Lowel in my last post, I hope you were paying attention.  I will point out the images that my imaginable BF participated in.  Please critique the lighting for me.

OK, let’s go !


oozing 3


Here we have a Baked Avocado with an Egg weeping over the edge.  The perfect ‘Cinco de Mayo’ edible delight.  I positioned Mr. Lowel to the left of the dish, is he on his game?


……………………..   oozing-4

The above Ham Delight was photographed using ambient light, and it looks scrumptious !!   Is it because I’m trying to lose what I’ve found over the winter, or am I really hungry?  Did you notice the horseradish and Dijon mustard, peppered with poppy seeds, ooooozing from underneath the melted provolone that sits on top of the ham, purposely placed on the freshly baked roll?  Can you smell it?  I can taste it !


…………….   oozing

Ahhhh,  and how’s that for drizzle and drip … ?  Another image, “Lit by Lowel”,

…………  oozing 2

and again…   This is my version of the ‘Dagwood’.


Last ‘hot sammy’ to go, getting lit, not juiced, with a little help from my friend:


…………………..  oozing 1


Survey says?

8 thoughts on “Oozing, Weeping, Drizzle and Drip ….

  1. This is “R” rated…there is regular and then RESERVED. You are 5 star. If you get any better it will be “X” rated and I don’t want to shut my eyes…I am feeling the oozing cheese, not the water!

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