You might have the money, but I’ve got the DOUGH! ( ????? something’s wrong)

  bread again

Do te la so fa mi re do.  Nope, wrong … 

I’m talking about putting your money where your mouth is. Yep, DOUGH. The rising kind, the kneedy kind, the poppin’ fresh kind.  Dough not touch the dough-knot ! 

This post I wanted to take pictures of bread-like delights, but what kind of bread-like delights?  Remember, I have to make it….  So I googled recipes, and rohz to the occasion.  What you see above is a shot of a muffin.  Nothing special, but the delight was delicious.  I wanted to use the cast iron mold for interest, so there you have it. I like the shot.  That’s the thing about photography, it’s all in the eyes of the beholder, and I’m the one beholdin’.  Now, if it’s a money shot, it’s in the eyes of the man with the dough, and I ain’t talkin’ ’bout the muffin man.  

I also made a batch of pop-overs.  The recipe called for cheese, but I may have added too much.  My pop-overs were heavy and never saw the light of day…  we ate what we could, and waddled away.


……………………..  bread again 1


These parmesan bread sticks are made from Puff Pastry… that’s dough, right?  I also added some secret ingredients to this recipe.  If you click on the image, maybe you could guess the classified flavors. I have a few pictures of the bread sticks that I like, but this one, in my opinion, took the trophy.  You know why?  UC & P.   Here’s the bird’s eye view:

click click

.bread 2-2


My next attempt at baking was this Pizza a la Pepperoni:  I’m bowled over, this one looks really good to me, the pizza and the photo.  I have photographed many pizza’s this past year, you never saw them for a reason, and a good reason at that, but today the stars are aligned…


…………………..  bread-7


I like that shallow depth of field look that leaves much to the imagination….   Is that a pizza?  What’s on it?  It’s a typical Michelle Shocked, er, shot!

Now I’m cheating …  I took this photo at a Farmers Market last year.  I love this picture, the dough looks amazing.  I believe it was a rustic tomato tart …. or is it a pizza? I can’t tell.  Another Shell shocked.


……………………..  bread-6


And my last delight that has also proved hard to photograph.  More time and practice is due ….

Could have used this one for Drizzle and Drip…


…………….  bread-2


This was Paula Deans recipe.  Brown sugar, cinnamon roll dough, butterscotch pudding mix, and melted butter !   The taste made up for the photo ….

TPMP Suzanne, you there?  Cal, you there ???

5 thoughts on “You might have the money, but I’ve got the DOUGH! ( ????? something’s wrong)

  1. Your photos are RICH with or without DOUGH. Keep investing, I’ll buy STOCK in your work, and I do not mean broth.

  2. Parmesan sticks look delicious! No one ever said you have to make all of the dishes? You are allowed to photograph other cooks delights!

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