Silence is GOLDEN !

I got the message. Loud and clear. Silence speaks volumes. Saying nothing says it all. Silence is deafening. Silent but deadly ….  !

All fun aside, I heard you.  Thanks!

So let me take this time to show you what I have really been up to.  Lately I have taken control of the string of questions that have filled my head. Most importantly, to this issue is, where am I going with my photography? I know I love to photograph, especially detail.  Detail to me is about the up-close and personal, literally.  I compare the feeling I have, when I take good photo, with the feeling of being with a close friend.  It’s the trust, the warmth, and the unconditional love that engulfs me. So yes, I put my heart and soul into the photo that is shot ‘my way’.  Here are some images that represent the beats of my heart ….




I found this pewter bowl in Galena, it’s part of a cream and sugar set.  I then added different nuts and seeds, and grabbed my camera.  These are the images that cause me to loose all track of time.  I love using an element, such as a metal, with my edible delights, and I love to take it to the next level.  This was an exercise where I worked my subject ….  and loved my work.


……… up&c-9


I know these wasabi peas, I’ve spent time with them. I am showing them off in a light that pleases them, but a light that pleases me more.


………………………..   up&c









As I have stated lately, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.  There is really no one, except myself, that can validate my photo’s, and I have come to realize that.  So yes, this blog is about me, learning to photograph edible delights  … the way I see it.  Today, right now, I am entering phase II of my journey, and it is titled  “Fine Tuning” .  Stay tuned …..  thanks !

11 thoughts on “Silence is GOLDEN !

  1. I could see a whole room designed around the colors, textures shown in that last photograph as source of inspiration.
    Actually would you give me permission to use the photograph for a color inspiration board for my portfolio?

  2. nutty about these mitch! the texture. i can feel it. the roughness and the smoothness. love the pewter too

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