One potato, two potato, smashed potato ….


…four.  For what ? For my boys.  I made these smashed potatoes a few times.  I would make them, shoot them, and someone would eat them.  I’d have to start all over because I needed to re-shoot them.  Too many, too little, to black, to blue, but the main problem was ….  what are they ? and what is it I am seeing?  You know I liked the look, but I needed to wear your goggles to get a glimpse from the dark side.  So I did.

This recipe came from the blog site, ‘Drizzle and Dip’. I followed most of the directions, and some of the ingredients.  Lets look, shall we:


……………….   potatoes-3


I plated my smashed potatoes on a ‘ they call me mellow-yellow’ glass dish, and then on top of a mirror.  That’s when the problems began …  I happen to like the image, but I can see where you may have a problem deciphering what it is.  So I tried …. again.


…………………   potatoes last time


This time UP&C so you could really get the idea…. I opened my aperture to shorten the depth of field, and to accentuate the smash of interest, but not good enough, so I tried … again.

(how about the flower, pathetic?)


One more last time, one more last photo …. or just shoot me, I’ve had it !


……………..   potatoes-last-11.jpg


note to self:  no more pictures of smashed potatoes

note to you:  learning ……..

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