Cliche ….

As I said last time, I have been busy!  I now have several projects moving right along, but today I will talk about just one. I am going to enter a contest in Northern Michigan.  It is called from Farm to Frame.  The project will consist of 3 shots.  1) at the farm, 2) at the markets, and 3) on the table.  This past week or so I have been concentrating on 1 and 2.  Of course those are the fun and easy ones … for me. 

farm shots

Several mornings, at the crack of dawn, I hustled my sorry arse out of a sleeping slumber and rose with the sun. I made off with my camera and tripod, jumped in the car, and clicked away as the as the light of day grazed the gardens. “Daybreak finds you up and alive just as though you could touch a star… “

So, why the title CLICHE?  Well, if I want to win, or to just please myself, I have to think outside the box.  And I did.  First, let’s clarify the meaning of cliché: a trite stereotyped expression, usually expressing a popular or common thought; overused ; rubber stamped.  Got it ?  got it.

Today you will see my cliché shots.  I cannot show you my secret weapon for fear someone will steal it, copy it, and take home the purse, (and I only wish it was that good), but better to be safe than to come in last. So let’s look at the crack of dawn from my eyes, and typically others.

click on the image for better viewing


HS Signs-2



…………………….  HS Signs



HS Signs-4



……………………………….  HS Signs-6


… and lastly this very cliché shot, just so I knew I could do it.  Not bad …



HS Signs-5


                                   ” …. and brighten your night with my daybreak.”

Next time:  The Market

10 thoughts on “Cliche ….

  1. Lettuce, or just me, tell you how amazing these are. No cropping these pictures, they are going to grow and be harvested and savored at the King’s table. After your Farm to Frame you need to go ‘Frame to Gallery’.

  2. Lettuce sit back and enjoy your talents; both gift for gab and photography.. truly amazing and I agree with Elise…. “frame to gallery!!” You, my dear, are quite a pro!!


  3. aaah miss michelle! i always wake before sunrise so i don’t miss a single beginning to each new day! your photos capture what i see out my back door everyday …… add a few cows, horses, & tractors & my gardens? i never miss a day checking out what is blooming today 😉 it is the most wonderful way to start my day 😉

  4. Lettuce me say that I see a bit of Van Gogh in the hay bales, next up at mid-day and dusk to compare the atmospheric lighting shifts. And I love the asymmetry in first 2 shots and the lacey cornflower path and your energy at the crack of dawn!

  5. These are great Michelle! Nice work! Very worth your getting up at the crack of Dawn. I love them all. Can’t wait to see the rest.

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