To Market, to market ….

… to get a good shot, home again, home again, dippity dot!  To market, to market, to write in my blog, home again, home again, hot diggity dog!

So, what have I for you today, other than a miserable rhyme?  I have produce. Fresh produce.  I started another early morning with the idea of shooting a farmers market, but on my way I passed the Boyne Village Market.  I stopped, stayed, and clicked away.  The colors were beautiful, the light garnishing the veggies, and me … all alone.  Set me free !   

Remember, this is a contest, and why do people enter contests?  to win.  So, once again I cannot share with you my show stopper, for fear I will be robbed of my prize. It would be like taking candy from a baby  ….  a cry baby!

However, I do have some good solid shots.  Lets peek, shall we:


Boyne Village Market again



……………………….  Boyne Village Market again-4



Boyne Village Market again-6



 … and one more.  Contrary to popular belief, I usually never see it coming.  But this time, even a blind man could see it !


.Boyne Village Market again-2

Sorry mom !

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