The 3rd stage, the Table ….

OK, so we have the farm, the market, and now The Table.  And yes, this is my weak spot… so I have been practicing, workin’ and practicin’.  If anything comes from my learning to photograph food, it’s that I can now cook a decent meal, and I am not afraid of a recipe.  Bring it on !   

Today, at a very early hour, I stoked the grill.  And what did I grill?  Carrots. Yes, carrots.  Carrots are beautiful in color, shape and form, not to mention how delicious they are when roasted.  Butt, this is about my styling  .. or lack of. You will notice one thing (or more) missing, and this is what I will be working on. Did I mention I was practicing?




……………. carrots



I like both of those shots, especially number 2.  Close up and personal, shallow depth of field, nice bokeh, a typical Michelle shot.  But is it a winner ? No,’fraid not.






…. and I like this one also, just a hint of what the picture is about, but can this image take home the money, the ribbon, my pride???   Nope, sorry.

Here is one more photo of the roasted carrots, but again it is lacking the staging, or styling, that part 3 of this contest requires …



……………..    carrots-4


What’s missing ?  the table, the presentation, the art of entertaining … Ina Garten !  Did I mention I was practicing ?  Stay tuned for some, uh, interesting, uh, photo’s of my learning to, uh, style, table and all !!

8 thoughts on “The 3rd stage, the Table ….

  1. The first word that enters my mind is ‘blistering’ hot legs, I mean carrots. Those carrots need open toe stilettos. Your food is the accessory on the table, the living in a still life…

  2. I have no doubt you will knock this one out of the park! Your skill has definitely improved and your table is always fun, festive, and flawless. Can’t wait to see more!


  3. Agree with the all of the above–keep all your photos for other applications- BUT put those carrots on a cobalt blue platter on a dark chunky wood table with a textured yellow cloth napkin alongside (or something like that)–and shoot the TABLE shot!

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