My photo’s are entered …..

final picks blog 2… and it’s a good thing.  I cannot look at them anymore, I know them inside-out and upside-down.  The funny thing is, I changed my mind at the last-minute, the stroke of midnight, the bitter end … last call. 

Secret weapon sweapon, no such number. That was just baloney and cheese, a rouse if you will, to string you along …  are you still with me?  good.

I have entered 2 photo’s in each category.

Lets look at the Farm photo’s:


final picks blog



final picks blog-2



I like them both, I like the subject matter, the lines, the composition, and the dichotomy of the lighting between the two.

Now to Market to Market :


…………….   final picks blog-3


final picks blog-6


I love the packaged grapes for the lines, the lighting, the drama.  The tomato shot I changed at Bar Harbor-last call, but I am not sure why.


And the hardest of all, the Table:  click on these images for a taste of summer.


final picks blog-5



final picks blog-4


The table images do not need to show the actual table… I was just having fun, but, the photo should be ready to roll, a prepared edible delight!  The first image is my now famous Roasted Tomato Bread, and my equally famous Fresh Tomato Sandwich.   These two dishes alone bring tears to my eyes, and dimples to my legs …

So there you have it, a neat package all tied up and ready for scrutiny.  Just in case I do not get picked, (this contest is juried), I’d like to add that this was an extremely fun shoot, regardless of the outcome. The upside?  I am that much better as a photographer then when I started this contest.  Still learning and loving the art of …

final picks blog 2-2

    Cheers !

11 thoughts on “My photo’s are entered …..

  1. Great choices…what about the shot of the farm intself- was that included too? Love that one too.
    When will you find out results of contest?

  2. Wow! I want to eat all of that, especially the yummily inviting tomato bread! The grapes are very dramatic with the interesting lighting. Awesome!

  3. These pictures are breathtakingly amazing. You have taken REAL to ‘SURREAL, simple to complex and back to simple again. Your completed project has expanded not only you, but all of us followers, thank-you Michelle.

  4. Your photography is like poetry in motion…. all the “motions” … your wheels in motion.. you hands in motion.. the photos depict your e-motion.. I LOVE the farm, captured down below! Your work is so special, Michelle and so are you! Your commentaries slay me and put a smile on my face, each and every time I read them.

  5. I think the photos are just great. In my opinion youwill win something. I especially loved the tomato sandwich. It is a winner. Good luck

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