Are some things better when they age ?

wine What is the definition of ‘to age’? To age is to bring it to maturity, or a state fit for use. We know that men age with distinction, women just age, and the aging of wine, and cheese, improves the quality. Well, this is also true about my photographs.  Typically, I do not like what I see the first go around. I close up shop, take a stroll, eat my subjects, or just get away, hoping my photo’s will get better …with age.  I’ll return for the twice over, and viola, the images have improved. So the answer to my question is yes, some things are better when aged.

I took these images a while ago.  I wasn’t fond of them then, but studying them now, I can see a mellowness, or ripeness, to each image.


brie cheese-3


To my surprise, I like the light.  Looks like I can even ‘see’ the light. Lighting to the side, but slightly behind the subject is key to anything with texture, hence another valuable lesson I learned from John. Guess I was moving along quicker than I thought.


…………………………   brie cheese-2



brie cheese


And here we have the perfect specimen of a wedge, according to me, lit beautifully as the light adorns each valley and crevice. It is distinguished, tempting, soft, yet not weak in flavor… just lacking a fresh baguette from Le Rue Mouffetard.

9 thoughts on “Are some things better when they age ?

  1. Hmmmmmm… you nickname Black Widow? “I…….eat my subjects” — I thought I heard the cheese and pepperoni yelling for for help!

  2. Like the first pic the best. The epidermis looks like brocade, the cheese oozes like taffy. I will close my eyes the next time I eat brie or camembert and feel the fabric coating coaching me to pull the taffy in my mouth.

  3. I agree with Elise…I like the first photo better as there is both the clarity of light revealing the contours yet there is softness around the back edge that lends itself to a more balanced variety in the overall composition. And I like how the salami is rendered in 1st photo. Doing great in your maturation process !!!

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