I’d like the Scallops, peas …

When I told you there isn’t a recipe that scares me, I meant it. I can pretty much tackle anything now, but never in a million years did I think I could whip up a delicious dish that calls for scallops. First of all, what is a scallop? Webster defines scallop as: any of the bivalve mollusks of the genus Argopecten ( Pecten ) and related genera that swim by rapidly clapping the fluted shell valves together.   Nope, never in a million years!!


Scallops and peas


That all changed when I saw a beautiful picture of a dish of scallops and peas.  It was the color, and texture, that grabbed my attention, not the melt in your mouth explosion of flavor that was a sure bet. You see, I am not a fan of peas, but the color is to cook for.


Scallops and peas-8

So, I gathered my handbag and trotted off to the market. This time it was the fish market. Not knowing what to look for in a rapidly clapping fluted shell, I inquired with the big tuna, and it’s a good thing. Here’s what Charlie said:

Look, smell, and touch, the scallop:

  •  A good scallop will be cream colored or light beige. Scallops that are tinged with pink are too old. Good scallops will also be relatively dry, avoid Scallops that are in a milky liquid.

  •  Fresh scallops have a slightly sweet aroma, if any other smell prevails, good-bye

  • A fresh scallop will be firm to the touch. Scallops that are too old to eat may be soft and slimy. Throw out any scallops that do not feel nice and springy.


…………..  Scallops and peas-3


Was this creation star-kissed and to die for?  yes!    Would it have been that much better on a bed of linguine?  hard to say.  Would I make it again?  you bet !   

And one more glance at the plated scallop and peas pin-up, featuring, but not starring, The Table:


Scallops and peas-6


12 thoughts on “I’d like the Scallops, peas …

  1. Darn that looks good — mouthwatering! I know this is supposed to be a photo blog, but I think you have something there with the food! And I’m sure we all appreciate what you write about the food items as well — you are very informative.

  2. Yummy..I want the recipe. Love the 3rd shot the best and the green colour is fabulous to look at against the charred scallops.

  3. These photos are so good I think you need to send us the recipe! I especially love the table and pretty plate shot.

  4. No PINK, no ‘milky milk’….like being educated so when I eat with my eyes my brain scans behind the presentation and the ‘real fresh scallop’ stands up. Don’t think I did not notice that the lone pea liked standing on the scallop dance floor solo…

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