I made the cut !

not entered-3

Yes, I made the cut.  The Crooked Tree Arts Center, in Northern Michigan, has accepted all of my photo’s that I entered in the Farm to Frame contest.  My next move is to get the photo’s to them, cross my fingers, hold my breath, and let the games begin.  Am I happy? of course.  I had been booted off the island once before when I entered another contest, so I was ready, willing, and able to take it like a man, but this time the gods were smilin’.

Jim's Farm in HS-2

I am also delighted in another way. Let me clarify. These last few months my subjects came to me… or they were waiting for me to find them. I didn’t have to create these edible delights.  That being said, this post is a get out of jail free card.  My homemade mushroom soup, as delish as it was, was not pleasing to the eye, not from my lens. And the dinner I toiled over last Wednesday, allllll day,  well, lets leave it at that. Ohhh, perhaps Eddie the Cruiser would like to know the intended delight:

Lasagnaopolis:  100 layers of pasta with tomato sauce, various vegetables, and Lamb.  They call it a lasagna for the gods, just like the ones I bribed.

In other words, I have nothing to show, to you, today.  So, I have resorted to posting a few images that I did not enter …

……………   Jim's Farm in HS


I didn’t say I wasn’t learning,  oh boy ! what I have learned.  I have learned that one should not crop a photo to a size that is not standard, especially if one wants to keep cost’s down.  And, even though I know that the inside of the frame is the size of the work area, such as 16×20, I had to learn again that haste makes waste.  I framed one photo to perfection, kissed by the same gods that were smilin’ earlier, a sure winner, but when I went to box it, it was 4 inches over regulation size.  Yes, a waste that I’d like to forget.  And I am learning to pick my best shot, to trust my instinct, no need to give the farm away.Pond Hill pig

So, until next time, when this fog has lifted, I will try, once again, to wow you with some more incredible edible works of art ….

                      Buon appetito !

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