The other Italy …


Salute!  I had a wonderful trip, and I don’t know where to begin, but I will. Italy has 2 types of people, according to me. One that works with his hands, and the other that works with his head.  Pierangela is fortunate to have both types in her famiglia.Paulina's-16

When I travel, I like to find the local flavor, and seeking it out isn’t as easy as it seems.  This time I hit the jackpot.

On our way to Ascoli Piceno, in Le Marche, our first stop was at Zia Paolina and Zio Alfredo’s home. After many hugs and kisses, Paolina showed us around. What I saw left me speechless. They are self-sufficient, there is no need to leave the property.

High on the hill, behind their casa, are the gardens. We did not venture there, instead we toured the main lot.




………….  Paulina's-7


Paulina's-8 …. everything on the property is for consumption, especially the furry and feathered.

We headed outside and around the corner to another small room. Here is where Paolina and Alfredo make, and store, el vino.

…………………………..   Paulina's-20




………………………………  Paulina's-15

Also housed in the cellar are Paolina’s bottled tomatos and wheels of cheese.


…………………………    Paulina's-12






………………………..  Paulina's-9


Amazing ? I’d say.  The Italians that work with their hands are the heart and soul of what makes the country of Italy so inviting, to me. 

We have one more hidden room to explore with our eyes. This oven was once used to bake the bread, it has only been retired a few years. Imagine…




Zio Alfredo is the man of the house, when he smiles you know you’re in Italy. As in typical Italian fashion, he sat off to the side when the women took over the conversation, but when I was with him outside, and alone, he came alive with Paulina'sstories.  These stories were told in Italian, but understood, by me, from the facial expressions and his never ending body language. A true delight !


Paolina and Alfredo have one son, Marco.  Marco is a chef and runs his own restaurant.  We dined there one evening, but that is another story for another post.  It was squisito, and yes, clean as a whistle.  

Now don’t get me wrong, at the end of the day, when all is said and done, I also like a room with a view.  But from sunrise to sunset I like to see how the locals live, and I like to live it with them.  Spending part of the day with Paolina and Alfredo was a real treat, and exactly what il dotorre ordered. I’d like to say that it was a highlight, but the entire trip was memorable.

As with anyone, we all have our priorities.  I have this last photo to show you. On the property of this farm-like residence was this beautiful bike.  There was also a Porsche.  The bike belongs to Marco, and the sports car….Alfredo!!  The Porsche was covered …..   priorities !


……………………   Paulina's-3

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  1. Farm to Frame has a new look, Fur and Feather to Frame. Flutter the shutter. Your work has more than crossed the big pond!

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