I took home the bronze, and ….

…….. the GOLD.

The contest ended October 22nd.  I was away, but thought I’d hear something if I won. Nothing. I wasn’t going to dwell on it, I entered, was accepted, and let the photos fall where they may.flowers-8

Let me refresh you.  There were 3 parts to this contest:  The Farm, The Market, and The Table …. my struggle. You could enter 2 pictures in each category, so I did. I enjoyed my summer project, had a ball shooting the subjects, then let it be.

What were my chances? I don’t know, and don’t care to. You do know that curiosity killed the buzz, don’t you?  (just kidding)

Anyhow, along with the three categories there are 2 sections.  One for photographers under 18, and the other group for all ages. I won the TABLE category. I took first prize and third prize in the under 18, … I mean overall age group.  I am not sure what the prize’s are, but it was never about that.  In life one needs assurance, affirmation, an important role a mother exercises with her child.  Well, I am still a child at heart …. and very delighted that I won, twice!

The Gold:

final picks blog-5


and the Bronze:


final picks blog-4


21 thoughts on “I took home the bronze, and ….

  1. OMG, that is SO great. And, to win for the TABLE is so great. I am so happy for your Michelle! Wonderful news. On to more contests!

  2. MMGD, you are way more talented in the photography discipline than I will ever be, BUT,,,when I walked through that show, the winners were never more apparent. Here comes ‘ the JUDGE’…Amen, take a bow. EFH

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