Cena di Ascoli Piceno …

Daybreak in Ascoli Piceno. I’d go back tomorrow, in fact I’d love to go for a year and hone in on my photography, and eating, skills.


I’d also welcome visitors with open arms, much they way Pierangela’s family welcomed me.  This is where her other relatives live, the professors and opera singer, the doctors and lawyers. They live in Ascoli Piceno, in Le Marche Region. I’d call it the real Italy, but it’s just an area void of tourists, unspoiled, and off the beaten path. Again, my cup of tea.Oscoli 1

The view is from the home of her ancestors, now owned by her cousin Francesco. The three-story stone home, nestled in the side of the mountain, overlooks Ascoli Piceno, a town that can trace its founding back to the days before Rome, and is a great source of ancient and medieval architecture. Surrounded by two national parks, the town of 54,000 is located where the Castellano Creek and River Tronto meet. Ascoli is famous across Italy for its delicious Olive Fritte Ascolane, or deep-fried stuffed olives. These are a fleshy green olive locally grown, carefully pitted, spiraled, stuffed with meat, breaded, and then deep-fried. We enjoyed them with every dinner, every night.

These first 3 photo’s were taken at the Caffé Meletti, known for its production of the liqueur Anisetta. The restaurant is located on the Piazza del Popolo, the plaza of the people.



Olive Fritte Ascolane


……………………….    dinners-17

 Tortino like?  seared beef with salad and tartufo on a crusty roll.

Ascoli dinner

Fetta di pane croccante croccanti con manzo scottato con insalata. Name ??



This is a dish called Agnello Arrosto, one of the items we had at brunch with la famiglia.  The meat is lamb, and of all the meals I enjoyed, this is the one I did not try.  Never said I was a foodie….


…………………..   dinners-8

Vellutata con Tartufo

…………  dinners-10  ……  dinners-11

Prosciutto Nostrano Affettato a Mano

……………..  dinners-7  …….. dinners-12

Bruschetta al Pomodoro                                    Carpaccio di Anatra

Those last 5 photos above were taken at Marco’s Restaurant, Taverna di Cecco.  The meal was eccellente ! 


Truffles, or tartufo, are also abundant. They are a fortune in the States, but in Le Marche they are a common, and delicious, everyday ingredient.Tartufo “Often called the diamond of the culinary world, a truffle is a rare, edible mushroom that is considered to be a delicacy due to its intense aroma and characteristic flavor.  They have a firm texture and are most often shaven on top of food before serving, although they can also be used to infuse flavor into dishes. Truffles grow underground in symbiotic relationships with trees and are difficult to find; as a result, they are usually harvested in the wild by trained hogs and dogs. The very rare Italian white or Piedmont truffle, Tuber  magnatum, has the strongest smell of all truffles.” wiki 

As you can see, I ate well. The Italians know how to meld flavors and textures to perfection. Their presentation is faultless and always appetizing, but you already knew that ….

.Oscoli 22

I usually sleep on my stomach, but when I started to teeter I was concerned that I may have committed the sin of gluttony.  I knew I’d be forgiven, so I let it go, and started over again … the next day!  Can you blame me ?


……………..  Ascoli at nite 1


8 thoughts on “Cena di Ascoli Piceno …

  1. Michelle,

    The pictures taken at Caffé Meletti are stunning, and the picture of the Vellutata con Tartufo made my mouth drop open in wonder. That is a gorgeous shot. But, I think my favorite is the first one of the town. You have such talent. And, what a fun post to read, as you had a real connection the setting.

  2. i love your words, so funny, touching & inspiring! i’m not a foodie either 😉 although i do love the smells the sights the sounds of food made with love and presented & shared with love. cheers to breaking breads en familia ;)))

  3. Wow Michelle, what a trip! I love the photo of the path with stones and grass in between. Also the seared beef sandwich looks divine as do the olives you ate nightly. And of course, truffles – love both kinds. Amazing that they and truffle oil are so expensive here?!

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