Blue 33, Red 22, hut hut !

tripod or not-2 Here are 3 different ways to shoot, some freestyle automatic, some freestyle manual, some manual tripod.  I’m not saying which is which, maybe you can tell which ones were shot with a straight arm, a stiff arm, or the few that are an out and out sack.tripod or not-16

Taking my camera on the road has been a learning experience, or should I say, re-learning. When I was sixteen I held my first camera, a totally manual Nikkormat. Love that camera !  Never thought of using a tripod, why would I? In the past two years that is all I have done, I forgot the art of holding.  ( my point’s coming ….)

tripod or not-8This all brings me to the manual settings. I am re-acquainting myself with the camera freestyle.  Shooting on the go, set on automatic, doesn’t give me the results I want, it’s a Hail Mary pass, a wildcard. Don’t get me wrong, I have defaulted to automatic everything lately, and they have been quite good, when in doubt……. get the shot!  But I must have confidence in my abilities in different situations, low lighting, illegal motion, etc… so I can own the game ball. ring a ling a

Now, let me explain the beauty of a tripod!  It’s my playbook, I call the shots! As long as the subject can’t move there’s no interference, no need to pump fake. tripod or not-13I can get the picture I want, or at least I can keep trying, and trying. The camera setting are to my liking, low lighting and a slow shutter are not a problem. My focal point can change with intent, and I can compose, and recompose my angels. Plus, I can take all day, or all week, I’m the one burning the clock, the gal in motion.  It’s a study in progress.

I’m not saying which is which, maybe you want to play ball? In any event I’m holding, and I’ve got my blindside. Practice will make perfect, and that’s my goal … looking for a Touchdown !


…………….   tripod or not


tripod or not-9

……… here’s one for the Gipper !


13 thoughts on “Blue 33, Red 22, hut hut !

  1. Love the shots of the tomato salad with the flowers. Looks like you are living in Candyland. Very cool. Also like your snowflake background. Nice, whimsical touch.

  2. The tomato salad looks like an Easter egg collection — very interesting. Holding, by the way, is a 10 yard penalty when committed by the offense and a 5 yard penalty and automatic first down when committed by the defense. I’d go to an all out passing game unless you have a big front line……………..ok, how does that apply to your photography? Stay on offense and keep taking chances. You’ve been great so far!

  3. Great photos Michelle. Your photos always move me and create different emotions as I look at them. Love the Gipper shot! Did you ask for the snow effect or is that a WordPress thing?

  4. i LOVE all of them miss michelle 😉 and i totally relate to handheld. i have yet to do any tripods ….. and, as always, your words make me giggle like a schoolgirl.

  5. “Good Lord, you’re a tripod!” — Nigel Powers
    As a habitual point & shooter, I can tell that the depth of field gives away the tripod shots. But I love that focus on the unique point of interest. Ciao!

  6. MICHELLE!!!!!!! CTAC accepted 1 of my photos for the 2014 photographic exhibit!!! ;)))))))) i am sooooooooo excited & totally wanted to share my GREAT news w/YOU!!!!

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