The industry according to ……

… Garp !   no, according to me. I could not help but think about downhill skiing when I was photographing these edible delights. What do I mean? Sit back and enjoy.

Before photographing food was a hit, photographs of food were ‘perfect’.  The leg of lamb was placed just so, the color of the main attraction may be painted on, and not a crumb was to be found, not even a mouse! Tables were set to perfection, and Betty was there to serve you. This was all very neat and tidy … according to me.  Downhill skiing was also a perfect picture … ski’s together, perfect rhythm, beautiful poise … poetry in motion.



Today, the photography of food wears many hats.  Magazine articles here and now show table settings that Emily Post would balk at, and the photos may have the rise and shine effect, right out of the oven. Cookbook photography show the steps from A to Z, and may end in the kitchen with a bushel and a peck.  Sometimes moody lighting, strange angles, and perhaps just a hint of the dish is all you see ( now we’re talking ). And advertisements are dressed in a more realistic light, crumbs and all. This is not to say that the older practices have been put to rest, that isn’t so, there is just so much more … in my opinion.



OK, so how does skiing tie in? Well, according to the one with the pen, todays skier has an adventurous edge. The skis’ are not swaying boot to boot, wedeling down the slopes, like the days of old. In this age the feet are spaced apart, and it is the skis that control the long, and fast, graceful curves. Ones body language also exhibits a more aggressive appearance … butt !  it is still the dance of the slopes.  Do you see where I’m headed?

This brings me to my tortellini and photo’s. Reckless abandon?  No, just a different tam, for a different day, in a different age, with a different eye.  Still learning and loving the art of …

……………..   6


6 thoughts on “The industry according to ……

  1. These photo’s and blog post make me want to go skiing at Nubs Nob, stop by the Nubs Pub for a toddie then head home to make this delicious dish with a crackling fire!

  2. In case anyone reading this blog does not know, the author and fabulous photographer is an incredibly skilled skier. She has wonderful form and anyone that knows anything about skiing will tell you ALL FOOD tastes great while skiing. I wish the skiing places I went to would serve tortellin that looked like that! Corvara here I come.

  3. Michelle my Belle, NO one, I mean NO ONE, understands the hidden words and meaning in this BLOG more than me, sorry other commenters. You initiated, connected and finished turns on snow and won this race. Watching Reckless wedel ! Love the whole thing, ‘a bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck, you bet your pretty neck I do, do, do’…aka, Helen…

  4. Love the Chicago Christmas pictures. I felt the cold and heard the horns.

    Bellisimo Michelle and Merry Christmas.


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