NOW what time is it ???

It’s ‘time’ to make the donuts!   AGAIN!


donuts 2-4


It has been awhile since my last post on Edible Delights. I enjoyed being out and about, and I found different styles of photography that I truly love. One never knows where their path may lead unless it is explored, and I am exploring.  What I do know is that the photography of food is tough! I have been working on edible delights for two years. Yes, I have improved, (right…???).  I have learned to see the light with a clearer vision, my composition has matured, and I have pulled back from my subject of interest … not a lot, but some.  Where will this lead me ? … only ‘time’ will tell.


donuts 2-11


Therefore, in the ‘meantime’ my subjects of interest are:  Donuts! and their holes ….


donuts 2-12


I have been capturing these sweets for a few months now.  Some were taken at the farmers market, some are from the grocery store, and some I hunted down.  I even went as far as to call a few family owned bakeries. I had visions of colors and shapes, and rows, after rows, of donuts ….

Chow Down Calgal !! 


donuts 2-5.

donuts 2-2


This morning I left my house at 530a.m. to capture the vision I mentioned above. I walked into the donut shop, tripod in one hand, camera in the other … but the picture just wasn’t there. So I thanked the kind Sir, picked out a few, whipped out a ten, and home again home again jiggity jig.


donuts 2-6


I didn’t plan on posting this for another week, but my finger hit the wrong button. This is the finished version … I hope you enjoyed it.


donuts b

10 thoughts on “NOW what time is it ???

  1. Delicious. Next time I make my homemade ones I will call you. They are definitely not perfect with lots of texture and shape. The lighting is great on these photos.

  2. There is more behind your donut hole than meets the eye! Forget the sugar and spice and coconut too, you have intrigued the viewer to go where no one has ever gone before, behind the HOLE. We have seen your photos and tasted the delights with our eyes virtually, but we have never experienced the curiosity that your donut hole as drawn us to..See you on the other side of the glaze.

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