The Anatomy of a Fruit Tart …


fruit cup b-2

Sometimes I just don’t know. Is it because I am immersed in my own photo’s?  Do I really like them, or is it because they are the best of the lot, the best of the grouping I have before me? As you know, lately I have kept my distance from edible delights. My up close and personal needed a break. It was essential that I fled the coup and spread my wings, I needed to fly over foreign territories. Are you with me?  good.


fruit cup b-3

So, after a much needed departure, I’m back at the nest, and hangin’ out on a limb.  If I’ve got a style, this post has my name written all over it …  Please click on these images for the full effect.


fruit cup b-4


These are the bird’s eye view. The lens I used is one of my favorites, a Nikkor 105mm micro (macro). But hold on, I’m not finished yet. This next image has my ‘entire’  name sprawled on it, from top to bottom and side to side. Color, texture, and detail … my trademark. Throw those ingredients in the roost, toss it with a shallow depth of field, frame it with a beautiful bokeh, and viola !   Now there you have it … 


fruit cup b


yep, it’s got my name on it!

11 thoughts on “The Anatomy of a Fruit Tart …

  1. It’s got your name on it because these pictures are ART and YOU are the artist. When you morphed over to photojournalism, you wrote and photographed with the point of informing your audience about facts and showing things as they exist.. This post shows ART, photos with the point of exposing beauty, truth and goodness in the subject that might not be apparent without your eye.

  2. These images are incredible. They are so clear and so enticing, true works of art. Yes, the last photo is your trademark photo. We love them!

  3. It really looked yummy,but is supposed to be a fruit tart right ? Then where is the crust? The fruit was great,looked so fresh and juicy

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