California Dreamin

“All the leaves are brown

                                          … the leaves are brown

And the sky is grey

                                          … and the sky is grey

I’ve been for a walk

                          … for a walk

On a Winters day

                                       … on a Winters day


lake st bridge x

I’d be safe and warm

                                            … be safe and warm

If I was in L.A

                                     … if I was in L.A.

California dreamin’

                                                … California dreamin

On such a winters day

                                … daaaaaaay



Lake St Bridge


Stopped into a Church

I passed along the way …..

Well I got down on my kneeeees, and I pretend to praaay ….”

Mama’s and the Papa’s


8 thoughts on “California Dreamin

  1. Im going to LA tomorrow!!! Cannot wait!

    PATTI CHAPMAN |CHAPMAN MEDIA 770 N. Glenhurst Drive BIRMINGHAM, MI 48009 248.792.7920 O | 248.417.4111 C

  2. haha Elise.. very clever!!! Michelle… beautiful photo and certainly tells a story but it exacerbates my yearning for a very warm, sunny day!

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