Q.T.Hush …


Feb 8,2014-18


I had the opportunity to shoot another Q.T. Hush feast, but this time I was seated at the table. I partook in the full ‘Kindred’ experience, how lucky was I?


Feb 8,2014-5

My photos are good, but they did not turn out as well as my first clandestine event. So, per Angela, I will explain to you why.

My first and foremost issue was the lighting. I brought with me my table top light, the Lowell Ego. The light emitted from my Lowell is ‘daylight’. Also shining brightly in the same room were a few floor lamps, which brings me to problem number 1:  incandescent light (tungsten) vs. daylight.

“Daylight and soft white light refer to the correlated color temperature that the bulb emits, measured in degrees Kelvin. The higher the number, the brighter or colder (bluish) the light, and the lower the number, the softer or warmer (yellowish) the light. Daylight bulbs generally emit greater than 5,000K, shedding a colder light, while soft white light bulbs emit less than 3,000K and shed a warmer light.”   wiki

It was my mistake, I thought I could get away with it, I thought I could fix the ‘problem’ in post processing.  Yes, someone with more experience may be able to, I tried but these images still look grey to me, my whites just aren’t white.

You can see the tungsten light source on the left rim of this bowl, my lighting is coming from the right side.


Feb 8,2014-11


Problem number 2:  Can I multi-task? Can I shoot and eat and shoot and eat ?

I gave it a good shot! (hee hee), but I like to work my subject, and take my time.  I love toying with different angles and different focal points. Depth of field is a must play, and concentration is right up there with it. I have one more secret dining adventure to photograph. I will have to let the party roll at its proper pace, and I will join in when I can. Photographing these ‘edible delights’ is my party of choice..


Feb 8,2014-3


Problem number 3: As John has told me many times, look, then look again. Something may be awry, whether it is a stray alfalfa sprout, or a smudge on the side of the dish….. look again!


Feb 8,2014-14.

On the whole I like these images. I opened them last night, took a quick peek, and hoped they’d look that much better in the morning.  And they did … (it’s my theory of aging.)

The dinner was a smash. The invite list was hush hush, the menu a surprise, and the meal, well, as you can see it was out of this world. We were served 11 courses. After each final bite I was focused on the next entre’, could it be as good as …?  The answer was yes! the next plate was just as good as, or better than the last.  When all was said and done and my napkin placed back on the table, I waddled out the door, and rolled into my car.


Feb 8,2014


The chef has titled these events as “Kindred”.

Definition: natural relationship.  Kindred Spirit: having the same belief, attitude, or feeling.

We all savored a Kindred Dining Experience ….


10 thoughts on “Q.T.Hush …

  1. Your food photography attacks more senses than the floral photos. One can see, smell, taste and salivate. Combine the two and you have penetrated all.

  2. OMG- these are mouthwateringly exquisite food shots. I was cleaning out my email and had missed this one?!

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