My Mac Attack …

The Big Mac, The Mighty Mac, The Mackinaw Bridge


Mackinaw Bridge-5


The Mackinaw Bridge was designed by the great engineer David B. Steinman and opened on November 1, 1957. The structure took 48 months to complete with over 3, 500 workers and $99,800,000 dollars. The Big Mac stretches 8,614 feet making it the fourth longest suspension bridge in the world. With a total span of approximately 5 miles, the Mackinac Bridge connects the Upper and Lower Peninsulas of Michigan uniting Mackinaw City with St. Ignace.


Mackinaw Bridge 3 . Mackinaw Bridge 1


The main bridge cables are made from 42,000 miles of wire, and the towers stand 554 feet above the water, and 210 feet below to the bedrock. The engineering of the Mighty Mac was designed to accommodate the high winds, temperature changes, and constant changes of weight. In severe conditions the deck at center span could move up to 35 feet. Under more subtle conditions, the deck could move slowly in one direction based on the force and direction of the winds.    wiki


Mackinaw Bridge-9


Not sure what my fascination is with bridges lately, but I couldn’t wait to snap this one. I rented a wide angle lens, which is out of sorts for the queen of UC&P, hopped in the car, and with my husband took the 406 mile trek to Northern Michigan.  I am also hooked on Night Photography. I had visions of grandeur in my head knowing how spectacular this bridge would be to photograph, and it was!   Wow ! The Mackinaw Bridge..

*89,000 blueprints
* 71,300 tons of structural steel
* 931,000 tons of concrete
* 4,851,700 steel rivets
* 1,016,600 steel bolts .
* 350 engineers
* 522 feet tall
* 1,024,500 tons in total weight
* 7,500 men and women that worked in quarries, shops, mills
* 1951 Chevrolet Styleine Deluxe owned by Albert Carter was the first car to cross the Mackinac Bridge


Mackinaw Bridge-2


It was another bitter cold day, my fingers could not take more than 10 minutes of clicking away.  We’d shoot one location, warm up enroute to the next, and shoot again. Yes, I use the term ‘we’ as my husband has also taken a fancy to the camera. His shots are good, sometimes really good, but I’ll be jiggered if his are better than mine, that just won’t do !


Mackinaw Bridge-3


We worked the bridge. We photographed every angle possible to us, and from all 4 sides. Please click on the images for better viewing.


Mackinaw Bridge-7


I never would have gotten this shot on my own, I never would have thought to shoot thru a window.  As it went, the “driver”  was taking the picture (?!) so I protested in a clear and deliberate tone, ” I’ll get it, I’ll get it ! “,  and viola!  I got it!   Looks like a photo from the early 60’s.

Around the dinner hour we stopped at the Key Hole Bar in Mackinaw City, inhaled a hot toddy, or two, and devoured some delicious appetizer’s. My buddy Scoot and her Old Man were there to join us. It’s always a pleasure to see friendly faces from the past, especially theirs.


Mackinaw Bridge-4


This shot looks as though the Northern Lights may have been out, but we weren’t that lucky. However, there was a full moon, we saw it for a brief moment but my fingers weren’t quick enough to fiddle, they were moving slow motion frozen.


To my surprise, and delight, I like many of my photos from our trip to Mackinaw City in Northern Michigan. I have more to share, but the fear of boring you enhances my fear of losing you …  This will be for another time, on another day.  So, until then, stay warm and stay dry, but don’t stay inside …..


Mackinaw Bridge-11

.                                                                                            Paradise Lake, Michigan

Mackinaw Bridge

14 thoughts on “My Mac Attack …

  1. Simply said.. SPECTACULAR.. how fun having a common love of photography with Bill!! You two did a great job on angles of the bridge and bringing so many dimensions. KUDOS!

  2. The black n white panoramic shot (2nd one) looks so ornamental- love it as well as the 5th shot. The first shot is fabulous. How photography enthusiasm is inspirational to those viewing and around you – how much better does it get than that. Keep on keeping on!

  3. Once again great pictures. We visited Mackinaw a few summers ago and loved it. My uncle who lives in Kalamazoo was one of the steel workers that worked on Mackinaw Bridge. We visited him before we went to Mackinaw and he showed us the scrapbook of all of the articles they saved based on the building of the bridge. It was fascinating.

  4. Wow, these shots are spectacular. And, I love that Bill is getting into it. The last shot looks like something from a 60’s travelogue or a film strip shot! Very cool. And, so glad you are liking these shots. You are going in a NEW direction! Hooray for you.

  5. Gorgeous!! I think those beautiful pictures of bridges can’t help but make you understand what the big deal with bridges is. 🙂

  6. The pictures were spectacular. Don’t know too much about that area but loved the commentary. Kudos to Bill you are teaching him well. Loved it thanks

  7. It’s way to cold again and I am inside. Love the night photography and the Mackinaw Bridge in b/w…WOW!! You’re making me feel guilty but not enough to go out and freeze my fingers off taking pics. 🙂 I can wait for spring!

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