The Prairie Bread Kitchen …

A few weeks ago I stopped in The Prairie Bread Kitchen to grab a cup of java to go. I noticed original artwork hanging on the walls. Hmmm, what does one have to do to get hung on that wall?  

click click on the images


.                                                                                                     click on the Rustic Italian, it is to die for

Then I asked myself, ‘what more could a food establishment want then to have photos of their edible delights hanging on their walls?’ So I bought a loaf, tucked it under my arm, and headed for home.



ham and cheese scone…deeeelicious!

Doran Payne is the owner of the PBK, and former Chef of the Four Seasons Hotel. In 1995 Doran left his home on the Island of St. Lucia and headed to Europe to begin his culinary training. 8 years and 5 cities later Doran landed in Chicago. He purchased the PBK in 2009 and has continued to grow his reputation with some of the most delicious bread, among other edible delights, in Chicagoland.  The trendy downtown restaurant with an exceptional reputation, The Purple Pig, buys their bread from Doran… impressive? I’d say!    

Doran and I got together one afternoon to discuss ideas. To my delight the Chef also shares a photographic eye and the love of the macro lens, the up close & the personal. That little tidbit, my dear Watson, was the clincher!



Photographing food is different from other photography. All photography is about the light, but food is that much harder, for me. Don’t ask me to explain, I really can’t, you will just have to take my word for it. I am also not a stylist, but along with the lighting I have learned more and more. Rarely do I use light other than ambient light, and I am now more adept at controlling my light. It may take several different sessions, at different times of the day, but that’s what fuels my energy. I’d say I’m a decent photographer, probably better than the ‘average’ bear, but it’s a long and winding road …, I just have to keep-on keeping on …



.                                                                                                                              cinnamon bun …OMG

I am not going to show you all of the photos that will be hung on the wall of delights, but I do have one more to share. I hope your glands are salivating, it took everything in me not to eat this ham and turkey sandwich on Emmental Cheese bread before I photographed it. So, when you stop in for a slice, a sammy, a loaf, or a bowl, remember …. “never resist your KNEAD to EAT !”



                                  May 1st – May 31st

                      103 Marion Street, Oak Park, Illinois 60301 / tel 708.445.1234

12 thoughts on “The Prairie Bread Kitchen …

  1. I’m pulling a Michelle and quoting Wiki here – just to attempt, yet again, to convince you that you ARE indeed an artist: “Wiktionary defines the noun ‘artist’ (Singular: artist; Plural: artists) as follows:

    A person who creates art.
    A person who creates art as an occupation.
    A person who is skilled at some activity.”

  2. Hooray. It’s great to be recognized by another artist who wants to display your work. Good for you. Work it, babe.

  3. Back to the food porn? Things that look this good should be illegal! So proud of you Grasshopper! You are sooo going to France with me next year!

  4. You will have to take me to PBK next time I am in Oak Park. Great photos. Don’t forget to take a photo of your photos on the wall. Congrats!

  5. Hey YOGI, defintiely better than the average bear. I am going there because in this gluten free world they need all of us gluten lovers.

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