Planes, Trains, and …

Automobiles ….


Le Autobus


Cars and more cars. I am surrounded by mechanics, geeks, oil, and gas !   I rank second to a Viper, and third to a Challenger. The gal my boys fancy has a chassis, an axel, a pair of headlamps, and a tail pipe, how can I compete?    I should have had a clue when my husband presented me with my very own license plate, personalized with our initials. It was our first Valentines …..


Le Autobus-5


In my family cars aren’t just a way of life, they breathe life. ‘Our’ cars are treated like royalty. They are pampered and spoiled, scrubbed and bathed, dressed and diapered. Their palace resides behind our hut. In this manor every hook has a tool, every screw has a drawer, and every nook has a tranny.  My boys to men are serious !

Le Autobus-2


Now lets fast forward to 2014.

The drive to SLU, where my son will be attending college, is a monotonous drive. En route there are two car dumps, I mean depots, that we must stop and see … every time.  My well oiled boys circle each and every buggy, they hem and they haw, then they circle again. It’s nothin’ but fun !

Le Autobus-11


So you ask, what about poor me? Well, not wanting to see the art of the hand-written note fall to the wayside I have started a note card business using my photos. I also want to emphasize the importance of manners. Remember, manners can open many doors…   Well, after handing my son card after card of blueberries or watermelons to express his gratitude, I decided to make, for him, his own personalized stationary. I photographed other focal points, but for this post I felt the deer in the ‘headlight’ look was fitting.


Le Autobus-10


Le Autobus-6


Now I thoroughly enjoy our visits to these dealerships, it’s an hour or more of sheer delight. These two automobile establishments have something to offer each of us. Perhaps it’s an old muscle car, a dilapidated Ford F50, or some rusted-out, fallin’-off, beaten to hell front fender. What ever the draw is, remember, ‘beauty is in the eyes of the beholder’,  and a simple ‘thank you’ is long remembered…


Le Autobus-8








8 thoughts on “Planes, Trains, and …

  1. Drive me crazy, drive me wild, you nailed this one my MOTOWN child. Don’t be a deer in the Chevy headlight, these photos are out of sight.

  2. You “drive” home a great story with your men! How fun that you can take something like this and make it so alive? Great photos.. great story!!

  3. These are fabulous- you have such bandwidth on capturing essences in a multiplicity of techniques and arragnement of composition, use of B x W or color, and all the other choices to make excellent photograph’s! Love these!

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