My Summer of Bliss …

Blissfest. I started to tell you about this event before, but my site prematurely published, so here we go again…   Bliss-5

This very cool festival is a three day musical romp in the woods, the woods of Northern Michigan. “Blissfest” has been around for 34 years and it only gets better. This musical event is organized, clean, friendly, and a throw back to the 60’s. Let me show you:

















Bliss-18. Bliss Fest 2014-5




bf-5‘Joe Hertler and the Rainbow Seekers’ is the band that I followed. I’d like to represent them in Chicagoland, they are that good!


BlissThe food at Bliss is also good. Mostly fresh, some organic and some gourmet. All of the meals go well with a side of mushrooms and a brownie for dessert… can’t have it any other way!


 .Bliss Fest 2014-2

.Bliss-12 Pete, is that you??










Bliss Fest 2014-4










Blissfest is rated number 5 in the country for ‘family entertainment'(so I was told). There is a main band shell and two other stages that are hosting music at all times, 4 kiva’s, and several spots for children to play, paint, and dance. I neglected to show you that side of Bliss because I wanted to capture the ambience. I hope you could ‘feel the bliss’.

We, family and friends, are already planning for next year. We have two campsites, a 10×10 tent, carpets, tye-dyed boundaries with beads, two large coolers, plenty of blankets, chairs and tables, lights, cameras, and action….  What do you say? Wanna go? 





9 thoughts on “My Summer of Bliss …

  1. Hold the ‘shrooms’ and I will pass on the ‘brownies’. Did I just divulge our age? Did we have bras and razors then?

  2. Yep! I got the side of mushrooms and brownie comment too Elise. Bliss feast is an incredible event and you captured it with these photos. Thanks michelle🍄🍄

  3. Hmmmm….I sense the great state of Michigan will be handing out a lot of M.I.P.’S! Good thing we’re beyond that…pass me the Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds!

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