It’s not about the Camera …

…. or is it?

Cork Rainbow


I am in the thick of another temporary setback. Let me explain. It has been 2 and a half years since I started to focus on photography. I have been learning different lenses, any and all lighting, tricks of the trade, software that has me spinning, and of course my camera, a Nikon D90, not to mention how to blog ..


cities of Ireland-2My subject of interest was, and still is food, however, lately I have been exploring different types and styles of photography. The type and style I know best, but not necessarily the best at, is the photography of food. This is due to 2 years of diligence.


Ireland cities 2-7

I am now going to contradict myself: After reading many books on photography the consensus seems to be that it is NOT about the camera, it’s about the glass. Believing most of what I’ve read, and almost all of what I see, I had wisely invested in quality lenses. Way to go girl!


cities of Ireland-9

Now the contradiction: After many debates with my alter ego, we agreed that it was time to bite the bullet and buy a full frame camera. It’s my next move, ready or not I want it. So today I am the proud owner of a Nikon D610. There were many reason for this decision. It was a drawn out, yet thoughtful process, and I am thrilled the debates are over. No more tossing and turning, I’m sleeping well.


cities of Ireland


What’s the matter?   Where’s the setback?


Nite in Cork-2


Well, ignorance is bliss, but not for long. New equipment has to be paired with newer technology….  Really?  yes really… 

When composing a scene I anticipate my finished product and set the camera settings to the best of my knowledge, but I have yet to see the difference this ‘full frame’ camera will make. The pictures I shot last week are held captive in my camera, waiting for the arrival of my upgraded software to set them free. So, is it about the camera?  I don’t know  …..   yet!

 Nite in Cork


The dilemma you ask?  Well, I’m back in the neighborhood where trial and error share the block with hit and miss.  The up-side? This time the learning curve should with me, and I’ll be packin’ my bags sooner than later.


cities of Ireland-10


In the meantime I have filled this post with photo’s of Cork, Ireland. The ones that are cartooned, or tweaked, were not pleasing to the naked eye, so I had my way with them ! I also need to correct an error from my last post. The photos of ‘Bantry’ at dusk, and dawn, are of the town ‘Kinsale’…. Big mistake, BIG!


Ireland cities 2

Please stay tuned for more updates, and hopefully progress that will be noticed …  many thanks!

9 thoughts on “It’s not about the Camera …

  1. How exciting…a new camera! I’m been debating on full frame for a long time too, but haven’t bit the bullet yet. Anxious to hear your reviews once you have some time with it. Fun photo-play with color and technology!! (I kind of like the B/W the best ;))) See you soon??? Pat

  2. I honestly think the talent lies with the photographer, knowing exactly what to shoot, when, where and how. You have an artist eye and your fabulous equipment follows!! So glad you share these photos.. it’s fun to see photography through your eyes.

  3. Droughts are good, they dry up old ideas that can’t survive on their own, so when the rain comes new shoots of optimism and fresh ideas have a place to grow. My best ideas come when I am walking with NO cell phone or iPod. I just have to let my mind wander, no boundaries and TRUST.

  4. P.S. these photos draw you in to the most minute detail while letting your macro side of the brain pause for pleasure. I see puzzles and murals.

  5. So glad you made the plunge. I have been hearing about this full frame camera for awhile. I am looking forward to seeing the results.

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