I’m Walking the Streets ….

……. hittin’ the road, and pounding the pavement.


street photography V

What for? For me. I wanted to shake it up a bit, I needed inspiration. So what did I do? I joined a Street Photographers Club, a meet-up that took place once a week in the Windy City. The group consisted of 6 eager photographers, ready, willing, and able… and one ‘real’ photographer that shared guidance and direction.

(real= makes a living with photography)

street photographyBut what is Street Photography?

Street photography is photography that features the human condition within public places and does not necessitate the presence of a street or even the urban environment”. 

That’s the way Webster defines it.


street photography-7


As my instructor defined it:

Street Photography should elicit some sort of reaction in your gut and/or heart, and it’s not just about the homeless. He referred to photographing the destitute as picking low hanging fruit, it’s there, but there is so much more if you just look. So I looked …..


street photography IV-3


street photography-6


street photography III-6



street photography 1


Do any of these images elicit a gut feeling ?  Yes, to me they do, however that’s a must, it’s a pre-requisite. I also enjoyed fussing with these photo’s and trying out new post processing techniques. Some of these I processed in an ‘almost’ high-key style, where light or bright tones dominate the photo, I also ‘softened’ a few to create a mood.


street photography VI


These images were taken over a two month period. My instructor promised his wife he would not shoot the streets alone, and I won’t either. I know I’m too timid to cause a stir, at least for now, but I’d definitely feel better with a companion or two …. 


10 thoughts on “I’m Walking the Streets ….

  1. Michelle,
    You have found a groovy new groove! The shots captured a wide variety of ” gutsy ” street life and happening street life. Love it keep it coming!

  2. If ‘Street Photography’ does not require a street, than any subject you shoot does not have to have a subject. You have perfected photographing atmosphere, mood, sound and smell, all in black and white. So here is to ‘dancing in the street’.

  3. Love the photos. The black and white’s give such an authentic feel. I totally related and was transformed to Chicago through the prospectives you choose. Another “Blow me away” pictorial Michele!

  4. Bravo Michelle, you are so talented. The “pants” definately brought back memories of me standing behind a woman in a white skirt with a hot pink thong under it at an atm. Either she dressed in the dark or was screaming for attention. She got mine! Lol.

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