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Lucky me ! I had the opportunity to babysit 5 adorable pups. These pups are future champions, bred from two of the best bird dogs around. My sister was in a pinch and needed my help … Hotlanta here I come. Actually there were two of us, two nursemaids that bent over backwards to make these pre-toddlers feel comfortable, full, warm, and loved.

puppy love-3 .

The day would start at midnight, 4 scoops of this and 2 scoops of that. The pups would chow like it was their first meal, their manna from heaven, and they ate like it would be their last. Holy moly! it was a sight for sore eyes. We, my partner in puppy paradise and I, would share the tasks. One would clean the dishes while the other played, handing the pups off one by one to their mother so she could give them the once around and lick them clean. The next step was the dirty job, but we wore smiles and giggled all the way. I must say it took a few of these sessions before we perfected our technique, but we never lost our humor, or joy, at the sight of these imps. Play time lasted ten minutes and not a second more. The pups were spent and would nap where they stalled.


puppy love-2.

puppy love-7.

This routine was repeated every 4 -5 hours, their first last meal, poo poo’s galore, romper room playtime, and then their sudden drunken slip into oblivion. I couldn’t get enough!


puppy love-8


Each pup wears a different colored ribbon in order to tell them apart. There are 4 males and one sweet, although they are all candy coated, female.  In the 4 days that I pampered these pups they went from 4 scoops to 8, their personalities blossomed, and my heart began to ache even more. Their puppy breath kisses would linger for hours, lasting until the next feeding frenzy when it all would start again …


puppy love 2-3


puppy love 2-2


When my tour of duty was over, when the day was done, I went home and slept for 13 hours straight! I dreamt of the pups, I heard the pups in any squeak … I missed the pups.  Was it worth my beauty sleep? ( believe me it was noticeable ) was it worth the smell that attached itself to me? would I do it again? would I be their surrogate?

In a Heartbeat !!


puppy love-4


puppy love


“… and they called it puppy love
Oh, I guess they’ll never know
How a young heart really feels
And why I love them so!”

Donny O


15 thoughts on “PUPPY LOVE …

  1. What an awesome time you must have had!! Glad you made it back with great pictures to tell the great story! Wonderfully beautifully subjects!!

  2. so precious and such adorable pictures….. they all remind me of the day we came home with Bailey. I miss her so much. You are a dear, Michelle and gave more lift to those pups with your kindness and you ability to photograph each and every one of them to perfection!

  3. When I was a kid, I remember playing with newborn puppies. You’re right — when they’re on, they’re wild, and then, like a light switch, they turned off and were asleep. Your beautiful pictures brought back great memories — thanks!

  4. They even look like Addie, they have the same face and coat texture. So sweet and adorable. Thank God I am already over the husband and village limit.

  5. OMG. They are so cute! Do you remember when our Golden, Tish had 9 puppies? We got Custer from that litter. Nothing better than puppy breath.

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