The Winter of my Discontent ….it’s time to come clean!

Winter Shed


Yes, it’s time for me to come clean, to acknowledge to myself that I am lost somewhere, somewhere under the covers or over the rainbow. I’m struggling and must admit that I am in a creative rut. This doesn’t mean that I haven’t been shooting, ’cause I have, it just means that I have nothing to show, nothing to show to myself  …  this is all about ME !


Fever River in Color


In order for me to stay above water, while treading, I need to lose myself in a project. This project is titled, “Winter…”


The Depot


 Yes, I am aware that photography is a process, and I’m also aware of one’s creative ebbs and flows that fluctuate with time. However, the issue that puzzles me, the one issue that is most troubling to my psyche is that I haven’t discovered my direction. I haven’t found my niche.


Grant Park Bridge


Fever River in B&W.

When given a project to photograph I excel, I love the challenge that it presents. Right now self proclaimed themed projects are what’s keeping me behind the lens. Please feel free to help me along with any suggestions you may have, I am ready, willing and able to step up to the plate. I welcome your thoughts with an open mind. This photo gal is on a mission to find her way.


  Winter Barn

 My Winter of Discontent

10 thoughts on “The Winter of my Discontent ….it’s time to come clean!

  1. Michelle, I love your creativity and admire your work, but coming from a non-creative person I have no advice. I think your work is beautiful and I would keep doing what you are doing. Those winter shots made me feel cold even though I am in sunny Cali.

  2. The barns. Stick with the barns. They look like Andrew Wyeth paintings. Beautiful. As for your niche… who says you have to have one? Which one was Da Vinci’s, Picasso’s, David Bowie’s? We limit ourselves when we waste energy trying to find that one thing. Explore. Just go with whatever pops into your head or lens and sort it all out sometime in the future when the pause seems natural and you feel a need to look back and reflect.

  3. I’ve been looking at abandoned buildings on Pinterest.Some of your photographs are equal to the quality I see there. Your houses in a barren landscape are beautiful. Maybe a project idea?
    Whatever you do I know you’ll find your way, my friend. Relax and it will come!!

  4. Michelle, the darkness before dawn hang on and keep going. Your work is fabulous and you are multi talented. Trust that you are where you need to be, you can’t push the river just go with it and TRUST the divine unfolding. There is something bigger than your will here- be the conduit until it becomes more clear to you. It will be revealed. Last, there is a beauty in the desolation- you captured in some of these photographs, now you have to internalize it and continue your unfolding.

  5. Beautiful photos, as always. Many artists have felt as you do. I see it as a sign of a true artist that you are searching for something – you call it a niche. Maybe your niche is that you take pictures that are thoughtful and relevant. Keep going, girlfriend. There may be slower times and “better” times but what matters is maybe meaning. I think you are brilliant!

  6. Creative minds DO ebb and flow, get dry and then all of a sudden the ‘juices’ start flowing. Try something else like painting, distract yourself, do not over think it. Your winter images are wonderful! Play FALSE with other photographers.

  7. Michelle, the pictures of the barns in snow are so beautiful. Have you read “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron? I know so many creative people struggle to “know their path” and I believe this book helps with that. I’m so glad you reached out to your fans. Keep going.

  8. Beautiful photos! You don’t have to specialize in something. Just find a few areas that you like to photograph and work on those. When I was photographing, I knew I didn’t want to do portrait or wedding photography. I just eliminated what I didn’t want to do. You certainly have a great eye for outdoor and travel photography. That’s a specialty right there. It’s a journey. Let it evolve. I admit having a theme or topic helps you focus on a project instead of just shooting everything in site. I love working on projects.

  9. You don’t look lost to me? These photos are incredible! I understand you don’t have a project to focus on but maybe a little freelance fun is what the Dr. ordered.

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