Man’s Best Friend…




Remember the pups?




This is Banks, eager to please and wanting nothing more than your love and approval.  Sweet to the bone.




This is Banks today, nothing has changed.




Meet Barley, he is ready, willing and very capable.  Also sweet to the bone  ….



…. and again nothing has changed.






7 thoughts on “Man’s Best Friend…

  1. Ahhhh….the puppy are so cute, but the dogs are so accomplished and regal. You captured both!!! Great photos!

    I’ve not been to the asparagus farm. The weather has been miserable—hopefully next week.



  2. Banks looks an executive receiving an award for excellence for an outstanding career. Is that “Lucky Dog!” second up from the bottom?! Beautiful dogs and great pictures!

  3. What fabulous pictures!! Debby and Mark must be soooo happy. Your new career.- animal pictures. XXOO

  4. mitch- beautiful photos of our beautiful pups!! you totally captured their personality as babies and now as year old boys. thank you!!
    debby and lauren

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