Heigh Ho the Dairy-O ……

…. a hunting we will go !



  Best photo … downhill from here

Lucky me, I had the opportunity to hitch a ride on a Quail Hunt. It all started when I got the call, ‘Hey Mitch, wanna photograph a hunt?’  Heck yea!   I was ready and able to give it a go, so I did.  Georgia here I come!





Let me start with these beautiful dogs. Gun dogs, or bird dogs, are types of hunting dogs developed to assist hunters in finding and retrieving game, usually winged. Gun dogs are divided into three primary types: Pointing breeds,  flushing dogs,  and retrievers.

The Pointer is instantly recognizable. From long head to finely pointed tail, his entire body suggests his purpose: to point game for the hunter. When a Pointer scents game birds he stands tall and still, one foot raised off the ground, pointing the hunter in the right direction. Before the development of guns, this was an essential skill, as birds were netted rather than shot. When shooting birds became popular, the Pointer was still needed to point and then retrieve them. Today, the Pointer is known as the Cadillac of bird dogs, prized for his speed, ability to go all day in the field, and to “stand steady to wing and shot”  wiki






A flushing dog is trained to flush game, especially birds, by first finding the game then driving it from its hiding place for a hunter to shoot or capture.

Flushing dogs are different from other gun dogs such as pointers and setters, the dogs which remain still after locating the game, or retrievers, the dogs that fetch the game after it has been shot. Their are several types of dogs that have been specially bred for their flushing ability, such as  Springers,  Cockers, and other spaniels. Other breeds of gun dogs are also often trained as flushing dogs, especially retrievers. Most flushing dogs are very people-friendly and make excellent companions and pets.  These dogs won’t perform at their very best unless they’re treated like part of the family… AND THEY ARE !!     wiki

Meet Chief, Flusher extraordinaire !



…. and Boy, Chiefs second in command!

or is Boy the Pointer? …. ( I like the photo)




On the hunt itself you have 1 guide, and two shooters, one on the right, and one on the left. Depending on which way the bird veer’s depends on who gets a shot. If the bird, or birds, veer’s to the right, the hunter on the right can shoot from 12 – 3, if the left is in play the shooter has the shooting range from 12-9. Most of my photos show only the hunters backside ….


Will the real Elmer Fudd please …



The picture above captures the hunter, the shot, the flusher – retriever, and the bird! Can you see the Quail?  dead bird.




. untitled-186


We also ventured on a Duck Hunt …. only problem, no ducks!   Not to worry, half the fun was getting dressed from head to toe and waiting … and waiting.  No earrings allowed, the ducks can spot anything out of the ordinary, anything that glistens,  and will be deterred from the pond.







There was more to this weekend in the fields than meets the eye. We ate like kings, mostly what had been hunted on the property, we partied like it was our birthday, and made memories to last a life time.  Although I did not shoot a gun, I did manage to shoot a couple of lovely and adorable birds, and these birds are nothing short of amazing!!




This was my first hunt, enjoyed it immensely,  Thank you Mark and Debby!

7 thoughts on “Heigh Ho the Dairy-O ……

  1. Oh what fun!! As usual, these are great shots and I LOVE the narrative. I’ve learned so much from your photographic journeys! Thank you!

  2. There is actually a fourth kind of gun dog and that would be our Sammie. She’s the one under the truck screaming “we’re all going to die” when the first gun goes off! She is however happy to sit in a blind all day in the freezing cold as long as your uncle doesn’t pull a trigger. Jane of the Jungle, who knew!? Her brother will be so proud when he sees the last two birds! You got some great shots!

  3. MEEEshell! There is too much to say on this post. In order: Love the dog images especially the brilliant collar colors that pierce through the monotony of the brush, the people pictures are really special, maybe because the group was a juxtaposition in its self. The one of the group is good BUT the one with Grandma Jane and Joanie Q is publishable. Get on it! That image should be the cover of a NOVEL,,,Darling Devoted Dignified Mothers and Grandmothers! Sub title, no butt and skinny legs. Start writing. XO,

  4. Michelle, These are great and a wonderful reminder of a truly fabulous weekend with such good friends! ❤ Shirley

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