Oh What Fun it is to Ride …




When My son was two years old I thought I’d take him to the Navy Pier in Chicago and ride the Ferris Wheel.  A mother and her son’s day out, memories!  The Wheel was 150 feet high at the time, but no worries this will be fun.  Well, on our way up I felt something strange happening to my body, I couldn’t move, I became paralyzed.  Jack, being a young and fearless lad, was moving around and really scaring the sh#% out of me so I pulled him towards me, tucked his head under my arm and just squeezed.


… too bad, I couldn’t move and I thought we were gonna die!!

Well, I gave it a go again today on the new 200 foot high Wheel.  You get two rotations,  first round my eyes were closed for the top half, second round I was bending backwards to get the shot, third round… yep the guy gave me one more, I was leaning over the edge!  (no not really)





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