The Logan House Inn – an AIR BNB

Another endeavor, another project, another FUN way to grow the business !



You must remember the post about my son and Big Bill’s Sandwich Shop.  BB’s opened in October of 2015 and it has been growing stronger every day. I cannot remember a day when someone did not tell me how delicious their meal was, the best sandwich ever! … and I never grow tired of hearing it.

So here we are today in May of 2017. To add to our (yes, me too..) stress we have opened 2 AIR BNB’s. The rooms are located in the Logan House, hence The Logan House Inn, directly above the sandwich shop.  Below are the links to snoop or book. We have never been in the hotel business or the restaurant business but we are giving it a go with our best foot forward!  Please critique and suggest, we only want to get better.


6 thoughts on “The Logan House Inn – an AIR BNB

  1. Hi – make sure you include Big Bill’s as a great sandwich shop and not just for coffee.

    Pics look GREAT!!!!


  2. Michelle, for some reason I can’t open the links. They just go right to my Airbnb app but not to your location. So happy to hear Big Bill’s is doing well. Would love to see you. Send our love to Jack.

  3. I think you did a great job with the online site. When we go someplace, I want as many pictures as possible so I’m not “surprised” when I get there. I also like outside pics to see what I’ll be looking at. Good luck.

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