The Logan House Inn …. an Air BNB


Hello again,

My last post published without my consent .. I forgot about it.  This is the intended read:



  It has been over a year since I have updated you on my son’s restaurant …. Big Bill’s Sandwich Shop.  This shop has been alive and well and serving delicious meals for 17 months now and is getting stronger by the plate. Not a day goes by when someone doesn’t compliment the fruits of our labor. Yes, our labor….  I am now a full fledged helper extraordinaire. How lucky am I (most of the time) to be able to help my son get his business up and running? I’d say very…..

However,  I must acknowledge and credit his right hand gal Constance. With Con’s culinary expertise and detail to service this would not have been a reality. We have been fortunate and are very grateful to have Constance on our side and a wonderful team working to hold this Sandwich Shops 5 star rating on YELP.



 The back room, designed and built by Jack, tables and all.





Over this past year my son has broadened his line of sight.  Jack is now roasting his own coffee, a feat that entailed trial and error after trail and error, a roaster that quit after 2 months of life, and the learning curve of operating the new engine. His coffee is excellent ! He has a dark roast and an espresso with more to come. No names yet, but we are open to suggestions…

 Jack has also fixed up the ‘back room’ for meetings and/or large gatherings, hosts the starting point of The Haunted Galena Tours 3 days a week, and has added 2 Air BNB’s upstairs.  These are the reasons I stepped up to the plate and became a pinch hitter….

The Logan House Inn

The Logan Room above Main Street






The Brick Room Above Main Street





The Logan House Inn featuring:

The Logan Room Above Main, and The Brick Room Above Main.

Another challenge that has proved to be fruitful. The Logan House itself is quite historical. Built and burned, then rebuilt in 1876 this structure has seen it all from Abe Lincoln to Ulysses S. Grant to Kevin Costner. Ole’ Abe surely had a drink in this one time bar, and I’m positive Grant did!  And yes a couple movies were filmed in this space. Field of Dreams starring Mr. Costner and Burt Lancaster, and Gaily Gaily starring starring Beau Bridges, George Kennedy, and Brian Keith.




 The above shot was taken from the roof of the Logan House Inn. As you can see we are just a few steps from great coffee and sandwiches, a stones throw from many shops and delicious restaurants, and a stumble away from excellent music at some crazy fun bars.

Thank you for reading and viewing, and please share this post with your family, friends, and neighbors that may want to visit Historic Galena, Illinois.

Just remember:

  What happens in Galena, stays in Galena!!!

6 thoughts on “The Logan House Inn …. an Air BNB

  1. Awesome update Michelle…moms never stop helping their sons (if they let them). So glad to see your mutual success!

  2. You are awesome, Jack. You had this dream, you went after it and you have made a huge success of it. Be very proud. You are hardworking and ambitious-the formula to achieve great goals. Congrats!!!!

  3. Nice job Jack! You have a great team including Michelle and Bill! I like what you have done with the back room and the rooms upstairs. Live history – stay at the Logan House Inn!

  4. Coffee name: Villa Latina (isn’t that the name of the town Michelle?). Great job Jack! A true

  5. My husband and I enjoyed breakfast and lunch at Big Bill’s last year. We also had the opportunity to stay in the Honeymoon Suite pre construction. The location is great and the service is outstanding. We love it.

    Diane and Bill Vankat

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