The Rustic Apt. Overlooking …







This is our third AIRBNB

My son and husband worked tirelessly into the wee hours of the morning for many weeks on end. They stripped the space down to its bare bones and gave this tired old room a face lift.

In 1879 this building, The Logan House, caught on fire. You can see the evidence from the soot on the bricks. The drywall that was covering these walls was removed during this renovation and my son cleaned each and every brick, one after the other…









So,  what do you think ?  



   The Rustic Apartment Overlooking Franklin and Main


The Brick Apartment Above Main


The Logan Apartment Above Main




Remember, what happens in Galena, stays in Galena ……………..



9 thoughts on “The Rustic Apt. Overlooking …

  1. WOW! What a transformation. You guys did a great job that I am sure took a lot of hard work. How do I book a night?! The other two apartments look wonderful also.

  2. I am in absolute awe. Amazing job. Wow, Jack.. way to just get in there and dig through the trenches for your wonderful success story. You truly made that room come to life with such finess and attention to rustic detail. I simply love it!! Best of luck to you!

  3. I am so proud of you and all your accomplishments. Way to go dear grandson. Your vision and your talents pay off. XXOO

  4. Been wanting to get back to Galena for a weekend and will book one of your beautiful rooms! These Mann School kids grow into such wonderful adults! So proud!

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