Nummer 4 … Numero 4 … Nombre 4


Yes!  Number 4 is ready to roll.

  This space is the smallest of our Airbnb rooms, but it is still a great apartment to relax in while visiting Galena, Illinois.

  I’d like to title this room

“Quaint and Cozy”

but I’m not sure that would fly with my son.



Unfortunately,  I missed taking a picture of the room before the dry-wall had been removed. This is another space where the beautiful Galena orange brick had been covered up.  The building has been thru many ‘updated’ features, and dry-walling was one of them.

Are you wondering if that is shiplap on the walls?

why yes,  yes it is !

You see, when Jack was growing up I made him watch HGTV with me.  As it turns out he has a great eye and an obsession for detail. Chip and Jo have paved the way…  Of course this was a two way street,  I had to watch a few ‘Gas Monkey’ episodes just to be sure we were fair and square.






  There were 6 apartments in this building to rent.  Finding a good tenant was not easy, and collecting the rent was just as hard …

Cleaning and repainting had to be done between every tenant, and because we are ‘Deiters’, we did everything ourselves.

It was always a dirty job, and definitely unfit for the likes of me.  But, because I am a ‘Deiter’,  I had to help .

(just shoot me )

We went that route for several years until last March when the Airbnb seed was planted in our minds by a friend….   WOW!  what a blessing it has been ! 

 Galena is a tourist town with the most lucrative times between May and October.  The town loves and supports my son and his restaurant, but love alone  ain’t enough to pay the bills in the dead of Winter!  With these nightly rentals I am now able to sleep thru the bleaker months of the year…

  Amen Sister!


Here is a peek at #5 and #6, and may I add,

there is no rest for the weary …





7 thoughts on “Nummer 4 … Numero 4 … Nombre 4

  1. when WORK, CREATIVITY, and PURPOSE all come together you have a great product. Anybody can have passion but you have the grit to see it through…

  2. Renters don’t take care of the spaces, but Airbnb guests do! Fantastic job! Making Galena Great Again!

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