The Faces of Morocco – Part 2


The Faces of Morocco.

Photographing the Moroccans was not an easy feat. Many of them believe that their souls will be robbed.  I tried a number of times by raising my camera and smiling, trying non verbally to get an OK, but the odds were against me.  I took the shot whenever I could, and most times with their approval.

Driving thru the mountains we came upon this sheep herder.  Ali, our amazing guide, asked this man if we could photograph him. As you can see he was delighted.  I know we made his day, and he made ours!




At another stop, where we captured the views, there was a man playing his recorder.




Morocco is made up of the Sunni Muslims and Berbers.  Berber is derived from the Roman term for barbarians.  Berbers are a non-Arabic tribe, however, throughout the centuries the Berbers have mixed with many ethnic groups, most of them being Arabs.  Both of these men are of Berber descent.

Below, his reaction to the photo ….





Abdul was a merchant at the same stop …. also a Berber.






The way I choose to travel is with photography tours.  You mingle with the locals and see and experience more than a normal trip would include.  It’s a history class with benefits.  One of the benefits was to photograph models under different settings, creating different moods. I tried to capture something … anything.

The 1st man is an artist and he is the caretaker of a very famous and historical home. I apologize for not remembering where, but if I can’t pronounce it ….

The second gentleman was at another historical site, also the caretaker.  He had a personality when no one was looking…  He tucked me right under his cloak and gave me a big smooch on my cheek.

My friend Cathy got the shot !






Nomads.  Berbers.  This stop fascinated me.







 I had to show you the outside and the very cozy inside. The little girl who lives here was darling and smiled at her photo. The mother was also lovely.





A guard and his camel …. I like this one.






Our escorts, via camels, to our tents in the Sahara … These two men are also Berbers. Berbers do not read or write. They refer to themselves as “free men” and have survived by raising herds of grazing animals, driving them from place to place.





These gentlemen are dressed in their native attire to sell water.  Unfortunately, they now exist for the tourists to photograph.  There were 4 ‘water men’ that day, but these two caught my fancy.  The other two men were about 30 years younger, no wrinkles, and way too many teeth …

and last, but not least …



George, Cathy’s camel, old and cranky!

and …



… a Singe Magot

Morocco has launched a rescue plan to protect the macaque macaque, or Barbary macaque, a monkey weighing about 55 pounds. They live north of the Sahara.  I was about 5 feet away … they are used to having humans around, but one must still be aware.

Thank you for reading and viewing, and please stay tuned for more …!

10 thoughts on “The Faces of Morocco – Part 2

  1. Great,great photos!! As always!! Love all the fabulous faces and expressions. So very colorful also. XXOO

  2. You captured the ‘teeth’ of Morocco, literally. However, you also captured the smiles of the Moroccan people which speaks to mankind and our capacity to ‘ love the life we are with ‘.

  3. Michelle, you capture the soul of these people. I’ve always told you that you are an amazing photographer.

  4. The picture of the man above the “The way I choose to travel is with photography tours” line looks as if it ought to be published in a documentary or book. As usual, your photos capture the locals beautifully. Bravo!

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