The Quaren-tini-tail




    I hope you are well, safe, and staying positive. This pandemic has tossed us around, shook us up, and is now pouring us out …. out of our comfort zone.

Conversations have come to a crawl …  there is nothing to write home about.  But that doesn’t mean we need to stop living.  As dire as your mood may be, the silver linings are abundant … you just have to look.

My days include long walks, inhaling the colors, the sounds, and the new growth that is rich. Sharing a meal with my boys is not a thing of the past, and one on one with a friend is priceless.

Our list of projects have been started, but more importantly finished.  I have been enjoying my kitchen and cooking once again, sharing my soups and passing out biscuits. Giving back has been the most rewarding …

  Those are just a few of my blessings, there are plenty more …




Now that I have had my say, let’s get to the bottom of this   …   or is it bottoms up ??   




The Cherry Quaren-tini

  • ounces vodka
  • ounce kirsch
  • ounce cherry brandy
  • 1 ounce cherry juice … and a few Maraschino Cherries 





The Limoncello Quaren-cocktail

  •  1 shot of Limoncello
  •  2 shots of Sanpellegrino
  •  3 shots of Prosecco
  •  lemon for garnish
  • sprig of mint for garnish that I forgot





The Jalapeno Vodka Quaren-cocktail

  •  Jalapeno vodka
  •  Jalapeno for garnish
  •  hold the vermouth!




….  and my favorite Quaren-cocktail of choice

The Dirty Gin Quaren-tini-tail

  •  Bombay Sapphire Gin
  •  Garlic stuffed large Olives
  •  some juice from the Olives


This post kept me busy. My sister planted the seed, and I watered it. Another lining rimmed with silver keeping my skills honed, my imagination vivid, and my whistle wet.

There needs to be an ‘Un-Quaren-tini-tail’  Party … keep me in the loop, I want to join in the celebration.   Hoping soon to see the smiles and hearing the laughter of friends and family from not so long ago …

Stay safe and enjoy life !

CIN CIN   or cheers!




9 thoughts on “The Quaren-tini-tail

  1. I am a wine drinker but very tempted to try one of these! Great pics, enticing cocktails and wonderful message of a positive outlook!! Can’t wait for the post Quarant-ini Party!! Cin – Cin as you always say😘🙏❤️

  2. Best post, narrative was exceptional, images sharp, length just perfect, informative and required action to go back and try something new. Bubble, twist and splash…

  3. Hmmmm, my palate is thirsty!! Beautiful pics!!! Glad you are using your talents to create while the Earth stands still for months….

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