Andy Inspired ….


Wow, I almost forgot how to work this blog ….  reason being?  I haven’t been shooting, simple as that.  My inspiration went out the window, it blew away with the wind.


Until today…


My camera goes everywhere with me.  I may ignore it and many times I even avoid eye contact with it, but I always know where it is,  just in case! 


A few days ago Andy Williams, of Muench Workshops, posted an image of a butterfly… a beautiful image of a butterfly… and he was only testing his lens. Well, I just had to try.

It’s amazing what a little inspiration and a bit of luck can do, thanks Andy!


12 thoughts on “Andy Inspired ….

  1. Gorgeous! Don’t be afraid to cheat with your cellphone. If you’re ever in Cincy on a Sunday afternoon, come hike with us. So many photo ops! Peace!

  2. Fabulous photo…. never let that camera become a stranger. You are a natural with tons of talent. This photo is brilliant!!

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