Hot Dogs …

Really?   yes, I’ve digressed. hot dogs

Who eats hotdogs, let alone photographs them ?  I’ve been spoiled these last few months, my subjects were there for me to admire and snap.  The beautiful fruits and vegetables, the melt in your mouth chocolate, the early morning sunrise…  Needless to say I’m lost.  After days of stewing around different ideas, I settled on the dogs.

Why the bark-less Fido’s … ? Again, this seems to be an easy shoot. It’s a hot dog, how hard can that be? Well, I know better, it ain’t easy, not for me. So, I took the challenge. Here are the franks, from my lens to yours.


hot dogs-3



…………….  hot dogs-5


Are you’re wondering if I had a hand in this creation? Well, yes I did !  To be honest, hot dogs are another one of my specialties.  Over here we call ’em Deiter Dogs, however, I took it easy on these wieners, usually they are charred to perfection !


hot dogs-4



These dog delights don’t stand a chance at Coney Island, or the Weiner Circle. What we have here are plain ‘ole frankfurters with French’s yellow mustard. The all American 2:00 a.m. staple.



hot dogs-7


14 thoughts on “Hot Dogs …

  1. Woof, woof, Fido. These pics are not barking up the wrong tree, they are plumper and juicer than a sun ripened tomato, an enlarged zucchini or blistering ear of corn. You have taken nitrates and white bread to a new level. Four bites of heaven, hold the ketchup.

  2. I go for the woof woof kind of dogs myself as you know. You took some awesome shots of the dog I took in to rescue today named Midge. Why don’t you post her photos next. Elise is very funny these days too.

  3. Absolutely taken the dogs to viewed in a new perspective- #1,#4, #5 are my favorites and now craving one of these Deiter dogs – but with relish added to the mustard.

  4. body{font-size:10pt;font-family:arial,sans-serif;background-color:#ffffff;color:black;}p{margin:0px;}Actually they look delicious.  I have at least one every week and love them.  Uncle ED

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